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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Sambo Suplexes In The Sun!

Alan goes it alone this week on the DKP but there's no shortage of stuff for him to talk about following a holiday weekend where ALL OF THE WRESTLING was consumed.

Topics covered include: 

- All Japan's May 1999 Tokyo Dome show featuring two huge matches

- New Japan's Best Of The Super Juniors as the tour which has been filled with great matches comes to a close

- PWG All Star Weekend Night 1

- Pro Wrestling NOAH's highlights of 2016

- A Match Of The Year Candidate that you NEED to see in Dragon Gate

- A Show Of The Year Candidate from All Japan

- RON GARVIN being a hard man

- New Japan vs. WAR featuring Genichiro Tenryu being THE GOD OF WRESTLING

- AAW's recent show in Chicago with Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr

- Beyond's "Greatest Rivals Round Robin" series, Rich Swann and much much more.

If you can tolerate listening to an Irishman talk uninterrupted, this is the show for you! CHECK IT!!!

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