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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Uptown Funkers!!

This week's DKP is what we like to call in the biz, a "hodge podge" of a show, but no matter how hodgy or podgy there is still plenty for you to enjoy as Alan is joined by his pals James and Iain to talk all sorts of wrestling topics. We grabbed Jamesie outside the Tivoli after a great OTT show to briefly talk about our respective ballots for the Greatest Wrestler Ever project. Unfortunately that was cut short but Jamesie will be back for a more in depth conversation soon! After that opening segment Iain joins Alan live in 4L Studios for segment discussing the previous night's OTT event with the incredible Ospreay/Smile vs. Ward/Dunne main event, Alan's GWE list (and his disrespect of The Undertaker), Bob Backlund being awesome, and THE FLORIDA BROTHERS!!! A fun show and we're back again at the weekend with a huge GWE show! CHECK IT!!! 


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