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DragonKingKarl Biography Series Radio Show - Gene Kiniski

DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show: Biography Series: Gene Kiniski.  Gene "Big Thunder" Kiniski was one of the most important champions in pro wrestling history.  He bridged the gap between two distinct eras of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and he was the face of the 1960's in pro wrestling.  

An AWA, WWA, NWA, and Montreal World heavyweight champion, Gene Kiniski was an amazingly respected wrestling champion whose career spanned North America and is closely associated with the Funks, Whipper Watson, Yukon Eric, and others.  I had never studied Gene Kiniski's career much before doing the research for today's show and it really struck me just how important a figure Gene Kiniski was to separating two distinct eras of pro wrestling.  Everywhere Gene Kiniski went, he seemingly became a star and very quickly too.  Starting in the Southwest to Madison Square Garden but especially in Canada, Gene Kiniski was a huge star.  Gene Kiniski spent over three years as NWA World heavyweight champion and his mentoring of Dory Funk, Jr. set in motion the era that came after him.  I really enjoyed learning about this incredible Hall of Famer and I hope you will too.

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