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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show: Q & A

The first DragonKingKarl Show of 2016 is a question and answer show so the good DragonKingKarl can clear out some email questions to get the year started off right! 

Several of them deal with off-topic discussions from recent shows including the ever controversial Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not only that but there is even a touch of After Dark related subjects. Then we shift gears into pro wrestling discussion and one of the best questions we have ever debated here: who has legitimately had the most number of matches in wrestling history plus a sub-question, who has had the most in-ring time in pro wrestling history? The question is far more complicated than it sounds, and has been debated on The Board~! and elsewhere. Together, we will try to pin down the answer.

The second part of the question is also very interesting as it really is a different question. While some of the top "most matches" candidates will have near 10,000 matches, there may be wrestlers with much fewer actual matches that have much more time spent inside the ring.  We will even look back at some of the legendary longest matches featuring people like Ed "Stranger" Lewis and Joe Stecher.  But the answer to who has had the most number of matches is probably someone in the modern era.  We will look at schedule differences between the United States, Japan, and Mexico which could greatly influence the answer. (It should lead to a nice research project for someone.)

Email Karl with your thoughts, and enjoy today's show with a variety of topics!

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