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Feb. 18 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Linsanity in wrestling, Ernie Ladd, WWE PPV Picks, more~!

Will Strause is ON CALL, which means it's up to Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher to deliver this edition of Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly!  And what a week it was; we'll talk about good and bad of WWE TV, discuss whether LINSANITY ever gripped wrestling in Les' day (and you might be surprised at the name he brings up)...for those who have no idea what Linsanity is, it will be explained before we go into it.  In addition, some time is given to what TNA looks like in the immediate aftermath of Vince Russo's departure, as well as Lance Storm's rant on flippin' and floppin, Elimination Chamber predictions, the legendary Big Cat Ernie Ladd, and Whitney Houston as well.  A fun show, and remember, if you visit our thread in the radio shows section of the board, there are some extras waiting for you!