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Feb. 25 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Cena's promo, JYD (!), leaving the business, and much more~!

The new great granddad, Les Thatcher, "Mr. Moneybags" Will Strause, and Victor Sosa present a damn good edition of Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly!  Lots of talk about John Cena's promo on Rock from Raw in terms of why whomever is upset with Rock is pointing fingers at the wrong guy, more on African American wrestlers, as we close out February discussing Bearcat Brown and the Junkyard Dog, plus Les talks about why he didn't see too many incidents of racism in wrestling locker rooms in the 60's & 70's.  There's also a brief dissertation on the price of gas, we answer questions from the board, discuss why a journalists' recent decision to stop covering the business is a big deal, and Les reveals the subject matter of a future show that we've been working hard on putting together.  Also, feel free to stop by our thread in the radio shows section of the board for a few extras!