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February 24, 2003 Observer Newsletter: Career of Curt Hennig, more

Curt Hennig used to brag to his friends that he had a horseshoe up his ass because he was so lucky. And friends, dumfounded how Hennig would routinely hit jackpots on quarter slots and managed to make big money from wrestling without giving up his family and hanging out with his friends, were even more shocked when hearing that he had passed away.

For Bobby Heenan, who Curt would always say was like a second father to him, it was eerie, reminding him of the death of Heenan’s favorite traveling partner, Ray Stevens.

“He called me last week and it was strange,” said Heenan. “It was like Ray Stevens, who never called me, other than to say pick me up at 5. Stevens called me the day before he died. He said he just wanted to talk. I’d known him for 30 years and he never called to talk. That’s just how he was. Curt called last week and I wasn’t home. He left a message saying that he just wanted to see how I was doing.”

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