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February 24, 2020 Observer Newsletter: Coronavirus affects Japanese wrestling, WrestleMania update

After Japan’s Health Minister asked the public to avoid non-urgent and non-essential gatherings due to COVID-19 (the Coronavirus), Bushiroad ordered all Stardom activities through 3/14 to be canceled aside from a television taping, which will take place with no fans in attendance.

There will be at least two significant events, a pro wrestling match in Japan and an MMA show in Singapore, that will be broadcast worldwide live on major services that will be the modern equivalent of empty arena matches.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with medical experts over this past weekend and Katsunobu Kato, the health minister, asked people not to attend these type of events and the elderly in particular to avoid crowded places. Japan had the largest outbreak outside China, with 518 cases, of which 456 were related to the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Interestingly, while Bushiroad ordered all Stardom events either canceled or closed off to the general public, its main pro wrestling promotion, New Japan, is continuing its schedule but did issue precautions for fans thinking of attending and is offering refunds to those who have tickets but decide against attending. 

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