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Figure Four After Dark with Karl Stern: Alabama hauntings, mysteries of the area woods, tons more

It's the very first edition of Figure Four After Dark, a labor of love from Bryan Alvarez patterned after the old Art Bell Coast to Coast AM/Dreamland shows of the mid-90s. We're joined today by Sgt. Karl Stern of Haleyville, IN to talk local Alabama area legends, such as the ghosts of the Dead Child's Playground, Cry Baby Hollow, black panthers, the Goatman, plus asides on such topics as mass animal deaths, Roswell, the Patterson film, and so much more. No wrestling on this show, but 90 minutes of fascinating discussion. If you have ideas for show topics, guests, helpful criticism or comments, please email me at bryan@wrestlingobserver.com. It's the first show, so go easy on me.

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