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Figure Four Weekly 9/11/2017: Is the WWE main roster ready for Asuka?

With her vacating the NXT Women's Championship and the storyline of both brands negotiating for her to join them, it appears that it won't be very long until Asuka arrives on the main roster.

That segment with her relinquishing the title aired on NXT TV last week, with there having been no announcement of how the next champion will be decided. But whoever it is, whether it's someone currently in NXT or one of the Mae Young Classic finalists, they'll have a difficult time living up to the standard that Asuka set.

After the era of the Four Horsewomen, Asuka was the center of the NXT women's division. Holding the title for 500-plus days, there were points where her dominance overshadowed the rest of the division. Fans mostly saw her as above everyone else and had a difficult time buying into any challenger as a credible threat.

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