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FREE Aug 11 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The Dublin Burrito Shop!!! An all-encapsulating ProWres thesis!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The Dublin Burrito Shop!!!

Woah boy this is a big one! This week on a FREE edition of the DKP, Alan acquires the services of Internationally Acclaimed Broadcast Journalist, BBC's GO TO GUY, Mr. Joe M. Lanza to help in flesh out a theory that's been knocking about the 4L brain for the last while. In this near 3 hour show, Alan and Joe attempt to put in podcast form the thesis of ..... well it's hard to explain in writing so you'll just have to listen. But what we can say is that we end up talking all of the following names: DUMP MATSUMOTO, WELLINGTON WILKINS JR, HOMICIDE, TITO SANTANA, HARLEY RACE, (TIGER) SHARK MACHINE, DICK MOTHERF'N TOGO, KEVIN SULLIVAN and SID. We get stories about Joe's ECW road trips, Alan's run-in with New Jack, the multi-cultural town of Gort, Co. Galway and so much more. An all-encapsulating show that will hopefully get you thinking, and at the very least will entertain you, and it's FREE right here at www.wrestlingobserver.com - CHECK IT!!!

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