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FREE TODAY: 2/27 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: GREAT Observer Piece on Reigns/Bryan, much much more~

It’s a busy weekend in pro wrestling and MMA, so Les and Vic return with GIANT SIZED edition of the show!  Topics today include: what is the worst thing a wrestler could do when he hears a “boring” chant, why it’s the worst and what the guys in the ring should do instead; Dave Meltzer’s tremendous piece in the Observer on Reigns over Bryan, which is really about so much more than that.  We’ll discuss guys who didn’t look like they should be on top but were, walking the line between sticking to your plan and adjusting to what the crowd is telling you, and Vic cuts a promo on why he thinks going with Roman Reigns is not the right move at this stage of his development, and it’s not because Daniel Bryan is more over than Reigns or anything like that.  Best of all this show is completely FREE, so please post the link or file elsewhere and help spread the word about wrestlingobserver.com! If you like what you hear, sign up for a subscription as we produce anywhere from 12-15 new radio shows every week, plus members have full access to over 6,000 archived audio shows dating back to 2005, plus hundreds of new and archived Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Weekly online newsletters. It's a steal, so sign up and join the fun!

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