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FREE TODAY! Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show 9/16: Raw review, Nitro #3, Fall Brawl 1995, SHOUT-OUTS, thank yous, tons more!

The Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show returns today with a PACKED episode! Tons of stuff to get to including full results of Monday's Raw, Nitro episode #3 from the WWE Network, Fall Brawl 1995 highlights, plus songs, drops, THE RETURN OF SHOUT-OUTS, a huge thank you to everyone, how you can spend an entire DAY at the Empire watching wrestling, doing shows and more! Best of all this show is completely FREE, so please post the link or file elsewhere and help spread the word about wrestlingobserver.com! If you like what you hear, sign up for a subscription as we produce anywhere from 12-15 new radio shows every week, plus members have full access to over 6,000 archived audio shows dating back to 2005, plus hundreds of new and archived Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Weekly online newsletters. It's a steal, so sign up and join the fun!

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