ECW TV report for August 7

Tuesday, 07 August 2007 17:59

by Andrew M
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ECW opens this week with a good video package highlighting the triple threat match last week, where the winner would get the opportunity to face ECW Champion John Morrison in the 15 Minutes of Fame this week. CM Punk won of course. Now we see the opening video which has YET AGAIN changed songs - this time back to the Marilyn Manson song. Speaking of freaks, Boogeyman coming out for the opening match of the night.

Match #1: The Boogeyman vs Jesse Guilmette

Boogeyman came out wearing a long black wig and the new face paint from last week. He spits worms in the face of this poor jobber. Couple of clotheslines and a bodyslam, before Boogeyman heads up top. A big splash finishes this one quickly.
Result: Boogeyman wins by pinfall

Post match the poor guy gets the worm treatment, but Matt Strike comes out and tells him to stop it because the worms are unsanitary, and he is disgusted at the fans for encourage him. He wants Boogeyman out of his life, and he berates Boogeyman for long enough to allow Big Daddy V to attack from behind. He kills the Boogeyman with a running splash into the corner and a samoan drop. Striker screams "More Daddy, more!" which is quite disturbing, and V responds by dropping the elbow over and over again. They both stand over the fallen Boogeyman.

Match #2: Elijah Burke vs Tommy Dreamer

Looks like it's time to start rebuilding Burke after being Punk's personal jobber for weeks. Dreamer clotheslines Burke to the outside early, but gets himself slammed off the apron when he goes out after him. Burke tosses Tommy back in the ring and stomps away on the back, before hitting the handstand elbow drop to the spine for a near fall. Burke with a surfboard type submission, but Dreamer fights out with a back suplex. Dreamer with punches now, before locking in the Texas Clover Leaf but Burke makes the ropes. Dreamer slingshots Burke into the corner and then looks for the DDT but Burke counters. Both men end up on the top and Burke hotshots Dreamer over the top rope before hitting the Elijah Express for the pinfall.
Result: Elijah Burke wins by pinfall

John Morrison is in the back, and Joey asks him what his thoughts are on tonights 15 Minutes of Fame. He says he is the ECW Champion, the guru of greatness, and the shaman of sexy. He can tell by the way Punk is hopping around backstage that he is happy for his shot tonight. Morrison doesn't think Punk can handle it though, because when Punk is waking up at 5am for his "straight edge workout", John Morrison is just getting home. They don't serve diet soda at the palace of wisdom. Morrison says he is beyond good and evil, his fame is infinite, but for you Punk "this is the end". After tonight, no one will remember CM Punk's name. Out comes the Miz with all three girls of the Extreme Expose flanking him, and they sit at ringside and watch again. Miz grabs the mic and says again that he is a chick magnet. Chicks dig him, and their men fear him.

Match #3: The Miz (w/ Extreme Expose) vs Balls Mahoney

Balls with the punch combo early, but then misses a running kick and ends up on the outside. Miz kicks him in the head, and Balls lands in front of the girls. Kelly Kelly looks concerned and bends down to see if Balls is okay. Balls is HAPPY and gets this wacky grin on his face. Miz comes out though and tosses Balls back into the ring. Miz pounds away with punches and stomps in the ring and gets a near fall. Miz tries for a slam but he couldn't lift Balls. He tries again, but this time Balls counters and sends Miz into the ropes. Miz with the boot in the midsection and hits the knee lift + neckbreaker combo which is now called the Reality Check and gets the victory again. Girls in the ring to celebrate with Miz, but Kelly still looks concerned for Balls.
Result: The Miz wins by pinfall

CM Punk in the back now for an interview with Joey, who asks him how he is going to approach his match. Punk says that it's cut and dry, and he will approach it the same way he does everything in his life, with focus and dedication. Everybody knows he is straight edge and his only addiction is competition, so he wants nothing more then to be ECW Champion. Tonight he promises one thing, that John Morrison will never forget the name CM Punk.

RAW Rebound plays, highlighting Mr McMahon STRIKS BACK against Congress, the IRS, the Hypocrisy of the news media, and his own family. The package ends with Vince finding out he has an illegitimate child with BABY MUSIC playing in the background. This was a great video and I LOVE THIS ANGLE. We also see a recap of Stevie Richards getting a couple of wins over Thorn in the last couple of weeks, and now Joey interviews him. Stevie starts talking about being in ECW a long time, but doesn't get many words out before he is blind sided by the Vampire and suffers a beat down. Main event up next.

Match #4: John Morrison (c) vs CM Punk - 15 Minutes of Fame Match

Big CM Punk chants before the match starts. The bell rings and the clock starts ticking. They lock up but no man gets the advantage. Morrison is wary of Punks kicks. They trade a couple of holds now, and chain wrestle on the mat for a bit. Crowd is getting into it as Morrison locks in a chinlock. Punk fights him off and gets a one count before locking in a headlock of his own. 12 minutes left as both men look at the clock. Morrison takes over with some kicks, before Punk counters in the corner and hits a nice springboard dropkick. Running leg drop gets a two count for Punk. A couple of kicks followed by the Pepsi Twist by Punk gets another near fall. Morrison comes back with a body slam and the wacky spinning leg drop. Punk fights off the ground with a kick, but Morrison with some kicks of his own now. Punk comes back himself and clotheslines Morrison to the outside and hits a plancha to the outside. Morrison dropkicks Punk off the apron when he tried to come back in, before looking for a suplex off the apron. Punk counters though and hits a suplex of his own sending Morrison crashing to the outside as we take a commercial.

4 minutes left on the clock after commercial, and Punk fights out of a headlock and gets a backslide for a nearfall. Jumping leg lariat from Morrison gets a two count of his own. Morrison misses a corkscrew moonsault off the second rope and both men are down. Punk with a few strikes now and a roaring clothesline. Knee lift + bulldog combo followed by a springboard clothesline for a near fall and the crowd can't believe it. 2:15 left as Punk goes for another roll up. Step up enziguri gets another near fall. Morrison counters a clothesline into a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo and Punk kicks out with just over one minute remaining. CM Punk chants as the crowd tries to get Punk over the line. Punk lands on the ropes after a slingshot attempt, and Punk goes for a diving sunset flip for another near fall. Punk lifts Morrison up for the GTS, but Morrison counters out and looks for the springboard kick, but slips off the ropes. He hits the kick anyway and Punk kicks out much to the delight of the crowd with 30 seconds remaining. Punk counters the corkscrew neckbreaker nicely into the GTS and hits it this time. He gets the pinfall with 5 seconds remaining and the crowd explodes. Punk earns a title shot at Summerslam.
Result: CM Punk wins by pinfall

Overall Thoughts: Another good ECW as the Morrison / Punk fued is really starting to gain momentum and the crowd is into it. The main event was a great TV match and the best these two have done together. The crowd was into it and the countdown clock added to the match. CM Punk will get another shot at the title at Summerslam. I enjoyed seeing Big Daddy V killing the Boogeyman, but I'm not sure i want the fued to continue. Storyline starting with Kelly showing concern for Balls tonight and I pray to God that she falls in love with him or something. THUMBS UP again this week.