WWE Heat TV report for January 6

Sunday, 06 January 2008 03:09

By Nathan Hubbard
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(Commentators - Todd Grisham & Jack Rapella)

Super Crazy Vs Snitsky: Crazy throws some low kicks, attacking Snitsky's legs, but the big fella soon takes the little(ish) fella down and pounds on him. This continues for a couple of minutes until the Snit misses a Hogan style leg drop and Crazy gets some offense including a standing moonsault for two. More kicks to the legs, which are turning purple. Actually, with it being Snitsky, they probably already were that colour. Crazy runs into a big boot, then is finished by the pump-handle slam. As the count is made, Rapella says "Forget about it". I already have.
Winner: Snitsky (Time 3:42)

DH Smith Vs David Owen: Far from being a former British political leader, David Owen is actually a mini Travis Tomko, but Chinese. I've only just worked out that DH stands for Dick Head. Owen has a bit of size to him, and manages to knock Smith down early, but DH takes over and works over the arm nicely. Owen throws Smith through the ropes into the ringpost and wrings the arm, but Smithy fires up and gets a bunch of knockdowns followed by a side suplex for the pin.
Winner: DH Smith (4:14)

Charlie Haas Vs Drew McIntyre: Hang on a minute, Charlie's got the mic, what's going on? Charlie explains that he is not an entertainer, he is a wrestler, in fact, he is the only man on the roster who can wrestle. The interruption is made by Drew McIntyre. Wouldn't it be great to see a Scottish wrestler who neither wears a kilt nor comes out to the sound of bagpipes? Actually no, it would be better to see no Scots at all. This is Drew's first match on Heat, the lucky boy. They fight for arm control and McIntyre takes it to the mat. Back on their feet, stuff happens, with Drew showing that he isn't totally shitty. Haas ends up on the outside, sticks his head under the ring, and reappears with a lucha mask on. El Haaso comes up with a different fighting style, and it's mildly entertaining, which is ten times more entertaining than he usually is, so well done with that. Haas totally dominates the match whilst masked, even going up top, pausing to pose, then diving off but landing on his feet before hitting a standing splash for a one count. Well, it made me laugh. McIntyre rips the mask off, which I believe should be a dq, and gets a bridging pin from a Northern Lights suplex. Well that was slightly bizarre, but I feel the urge to see more of Charlie Haas, which is not a familiar feeling.
Winner: Drew McIntyre (7:08)

Trevor Murdoch Vs Hardcore Holly: It's end-of-year awards season, and the award for 'Most Unwelcome Comeback' has surely got to go to Bodacious Bob. Trevor obviously wins 'Most Unlucky in Love', for his two week wooing of Mickie James which went absolutely nowhere. Watching this match in fast forward, I saw a long abdominal stretch sequence before Holly hit his dick kick and Alabama Slam for the three.
Winner: Bob Holly (6:12)