WWE Heat TV report for April 6

Sunday, 06 April 2008 04:55

By Nathan Hubbard

(Commentators - Todd Grisham & Josh Mathews)

Snitsky Vs JT Flash: The Snit takes his time in squashing young Mr Flash, throwing him around, booting him in the face, and pinning him with the pump-handle slam.
Winner: Snitsky (Time 1:40)

Paul Burchill Vs Val Venis: No talking from the Burchills this week, thankfully. The bell to start the match is rung whilst Val is still outside the ring getting some towel related action. Burchill dominates Venis early, with reasonable but unspectacular power moves. Val comes back with his archetypal WWE-style offence: Burchill rolls out of the ring to avoid a Money Shot. The Burchills look to leave up the ramp, Val tries to pull Paul back but is shoved down to the floor. Val mounts a second comeback back inside the ring, but Burchill halts it, and gets the win with the curb stomp.
Winner: Paul Burchill (3:33)

Charlie Haas Vs Super Crazy: A short 'Super Crazy' chant occurs. Crazy gets some big air on several early moves, but Haas goes to fetch his mask as Crazy is up for a moonsault. The newly garbed Haas hits a spinning headscissors, and gets the heat on Crazy. A belly-to-belly suplex gets a two, and Haas locks on an abdominal stretch. This lasts a looong time. Eventually, Crazy hiptosses his way free, but wheelbarrows himself into a full nelson. Two long restholds in a Heat match. Marvellous. Super gets free, hits some dropkicks and a standing moonsault, but Haas kicks out and attempts a powerbomb. Crazy rips off the mask, which has no effect as the maskless Charlie gets the win soon after with the Haas of Pain.
Winner: Charlie Haas (6:46)

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Vs 'The Canadian Bulldog' DH Smith: Hmm, 'The Canadian Bulldog'. 'U-S-A', 'Hooooo', crap crap crap. I'm keen to know if Smith is actually any good, but against Duggan, it's very hard to tell. What we can tell is that Smith is supposed to be a heel now, at least this week, as he displays a nastier side whilst having the heat on Hacksaw. Jimbo blocks and reverses the corner turnbuckle smash and hits his three-point charge. Smith gets his foot on the ropes to break the pin. Shortly after, Smith has both feet on the ropes, this time to illegally assist his match winning pin.
Winner: DH Smith (7:11)