Florida Championship Wrestling tapings notes

Saturday, 11 October 2008 10:01

By Vincent Butrymowicz

Show started at 7:30 This edition of FCW was different as there were two intermissions, so I'm assuming there were three different episodes being taped, as several different WWE superstars showed up and made appearances, and many FCW wrestlers wrestled multiple times, many in different attire. This was probably the biggest crowd they have had. i have been to every show except the first one, and in my experience this was the largest crowd. When the doors opened, they had Kelly Kelly and Chris Jericho signing, but halfway through batista swapped in for Jericho. For the second week in a row, Tiffany was the ring announcer instead of Angela. Angela was much better, as Tiffany would mess up several times, and confused the hell out of the crowd. FCW has had a TV deal since last Sunday. I believe they air on Brighthouse Sports channel 47. Usually Brian Kelly is on the broadcast team with Dusty Rhodes, but this time it was Josh Matthews being paired with Dusty instead. NOTE: Many of the FCW wrestlers have changed their names, yet at the events, they're announced under their old names. So if I put a parenthesis next to someone's name, that is their new name listed on the website.
1) Caleb O'Neal vs Mike DiBiase
I believe it was Mike DiBiase, I couldn't here Tiffany very well. But this was a dark match before they officially started. Caleb is a newer guy struggling to get a real gimmick together, although he definitely looks better talent-wise than he has before. This match was real quick after some offense from O'neal Dibiase hit a clothesline off the middle rope then a rolling leg pin to get the win.
Winner- Mike DiBiase
2) Dolph Ziggler vs TJ Wilson
This was a great opening match with the action going back and forth throughout most of it. I think TJ is long overdue to being brought up to WWE. I always have felt Dolph has a lot of talent and for the most part has entertaining matches at FCW. I did hear he got suspended for 30 days for violating the wellness policy though. This match was quick as well. It started with Dolph stalling to grapple as usual. Later on TJ attempted a springboard but got caught with a stiff right hand. With Dolph on the outside, TJ excecuted a baseball side into a head scissors. TJ rolled Dolph back in and finished him off with a springboard into an Over Castle.
Winner- TJ Wilson
They had a four man tournament to determine a number one contender to Sheamus' Florida Heavyweight Championship. I don't know anything about what shows had what matches so I don't knoiw it the tournament was all on one show or two or three.
3) Semi-Finals- Number One Contender Tournament
Drew McIntyre vs Gabe Tuft  (Taj Milano)
This match was really short. Fans love to chant "Screw you, Drew", which was started by a particularly loud fan who heckles many wrestlers, (I think his name is PJ or something like that). Drew controlled with wear-down holds throughout most of the match, but Gabe made a comeback with some dropkicks and clotheslines. Gabe went for his patented middle-rope moonsault, but he missed. Drew followed up with a downward spiral, or complete shot, whichever you prefer, for the win
Winner- Drew McIntyre
Sheamus came out to cut a promo, but the fans were so loud i could here barely anything. What I did catch was him asking for an apology from Batista for giving him a Spinebuster last time Batista appeared at FCW, which was months ago. Batista did come out and told him he either deserves or need an asskicking. He started backing Sheamus in the corner, but Black Pain came out and attacked Batista from behind. Batista quickly took out the 300 lb masked man with a spear and clotheslined him out of the ring while Sheamus ran away. Batista did some poses in the corners to a large pop of course, then he said that FCW is the future of wrestling.
4) Jake Gabriel w/ Alicia Fox and Mike Kruel vs FCW Tag Team Champions Heath Miller and Joe Hennig
I believe this match was non-title, because it was not announced at a title match. Jake Gabriel is jacked and he certaily resembles Chris Masters. However, I think his wrestling has gotten much better in recent weeks. Mike Kruel, from Brooklyn, is the jobber of FCW, as he has never won a match. Fans like to chant Brooklyn Brawler when he wrestles. Heath Miller resembles Edge earlier in his career. But he has a lot of talent and he is one of my favorite wrestlers there. This match was very, very quick, as Gabriel and Kruel didn't get along at all, and Kruel stole a tag and right when he got in, Joe caught him with a perfectplex for an easy win.
Winners- Heath Miller and Joe Hennig
5) "The Carnival Freak from Murder Creek" Sinn Bowdee vs Scotty Goldman 
I'm pretty sure its Murder Creek anyways. Another quick match. A lot of the matches were short and quick. Many fans chanted "Scotty Goldman", but many chanted "Colt Cabana", his other personality. Early on, Scotty showed off some quick on his feet athleticism, but that ended quickly as Sinn took control and hit his trademark dropkick in the bottom rope to Scotty. He picked him up and hit his finisher, the Tallula Bell. This is a Double underhook DDT with a leg scissors locked on the midsection. Very nice move.
Winner- Sinn Bowdee
Sinn was interviewed by Tiffany after the match. I couldn't hear a thing due to the crowd noise, and Sinn being on the other side of the ring. The crowd was chanting "Stop Burying Scotty" during the promo
6) Semi-Finals- Number one condender Tournament
Johnny Curtis vs Eric Escobar (Formerly Eric Perez)
The crowd chanted "Oh Yeah" as Eric entered, but other than that the crowd was asleep for this one. In my opinion, since Primo moved up Eric hasn't been the same. i just think it's one of those things where he was better with his partner. Last week, he challenged Sheamus for the FCW Title in a match that wasn't very good in my opinion. He's talented, and somewhat charismatic, but I just don't see it, and I don't see him as much of a title contender. Nonetheless, the match started with a nice trade of takedowns and arm drags, ending in a standoff. Curtis gained advantage quickly though and utilized weardown hold for a while. The match was pretty boring, but began to pick up with Eric making a comeback with some clotheslines and dropkicks. however, Curtis got to the top and hit a nice sunset flip into a powerbomb. I thought and hoped this would be it, but Eric kicked out and fought back. Eric finished him off with a Full Nelson slam, getting into the finals.
Winner- Eric Escobar
Tiffany announced an intermission, which is usual, every week they take one halfway through the show. After the intermission, she came out in a new dress, so I'm assuming this was a new episode. I could be wrong though. I don't have the channel, which sucks.
7) Finals- Number One Contender Tournament
Drew McIntyre vs Eric Escobar (Formerly Eric Perez)
Sheamus came out to do guest commentary for this match. I would love to hear that on the show. More heckling of Drew continued throughout this match. Drew took early advantage with a series of suplexes and weardown holds. Eric gained control and connected with a nice calf kick. He finished again with a Full Nelson slam to earn the right to face Sheamus.
Winner- Eric Escobar
Escobar grabbed a mic and cut a promo in Spanglish, saying he was happy to be the Number one contender again, and saying he will fulfill his dream of winning the FCW title. He then said he is willing and able to defeat Sheamus. Sheamus stared daggers at him and walked to the back holding his title up.
8) Roucka vs Wesley Holiday (formerly Miss Daisy)
This match was pretty bad, and it seemed throughout that they were moving in slow motion. Roucka was obviously the heel, yet the crowd cheered for her and booed Holiday. Roucka is a good wrestler, but Holiday needs some work. The punches and kicks from her looked very bad and sloppy. Roucka won this one quick with a bulldog and a leg drop.
Winner- Roucka
Chris Jericho came out to a great reaction. The crowd chanted Y2J. He started by telling us to stuff the chants up our asses. He was tough to here with the crowd as always, but he was showing off his title and saying we could never reach the standards of Jericho. He went on saying he will easily beat Batista at Cyber Sunday, and if Orton, Michaels, or Stone Cold gets in his way, he will take them out. He said he will claw, scratch, bite, or do anything else to keep his title. He then left, but not before getting in the face of some of the fans, he looked legitimately angry, probably because of some of the tattoos they had.
9) Ryan Braddock vs DH Smith
Braddock's on Smackdown now, as he was announced by Tiffany. He is not very over at FCW, which is probably why he turned heel there. He controlled the match early, but not for long as DH executed a nice inverted belly to back suplex, followed by the running powerslam, shades of his father.
Winner- DH Smith
10) Florida Tag Team Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler and Gavin Spears vs Heath Miller and Joe Hennig
This was Dolph's and Miller and Hennig's second match, which makes me think this was another episode. Anyways, this was definitely, in my opinion, the best match of the whole night. The crowd was into this match the most. Gavin started with hennig, and the "Gavin spears Dolph chants" started early. Nice spot where Joe and Heath cleared the ring, and Joe gave chase around the ring to Dolph. Gavin hid behind the steps to attack Joe, but Joe stopped him with a shoulder to the stomach, but then Dolph hit a stiff clothesline on the outside. Gavin and Dolph isolated Joe now, and Dolph used his patented series of three elbow drops on the downed joe, getting more elevation on the third elbow. Joe moved out of the way of another attack, and they teased the tag but Gavin pulled Heath pulled off the apron. Teasing the tag happened a lot in this match. Finally Joe got the tag to Heath, who exploded with offense on Dolph and Gavin. They fall to the outside and heath hits them both with a dive to the outside. Then came the classic spot with Heath trying to suplex Gavin in the ring, but Dolph tripped him and held his leg down for a cheap pin attempt. This failed, and Heath suplexes Gavin and nails a beautiful elbow off the top rope for a nearfall. Dolph gets tagged in and tries to attack Heath, but Heath stops him and hits his neat finishing move, a flying Russian leg sweep, to retain the titles
Winners- Heath Miller and Joe Hennig
It was now 9:30, so I thought the show was over. However, Tiffany announced another brief intermission. This surprised me as the show always ends at 9:30. This break was only about 5 minutes, which was much shorter than the first one.
11) Stu Sanders vs Primo Colon
It was nice to see Primo back at FCW since being at Smackdown for the past few weeks. Stu controlled this quick match with a lot of power, hitting a very nice powerslam. Primo fired back though and hit an awesome hurricanrana off the top rope. Stu missed a boot in the corner, and Primo connected with a springboard cross body block for a quick win.
Winner- Primo Colon
12) Black Pain w/ Brian Kelly vs Trent Baretta (Formerly Greg Jackson)
This match was the quickest of all and a squash. Barretta is a cruiserweight with, in my opinion, great talent and athleticism. Black Pain is the big 300 lb guy with a mask. This was the first time at the FCW arena that Brian Kelly wasn't doing Commentary. It was weird seeing him as a heel manager after seeing him as the good guy announcer for months. It resembled the Coach a lot. Basically Black Pain dominated and used a backbreaker. Then he Barretta for a catatonic for an easy win.
Winner- Black Pain
With Black Pain having his hand raised, the lights dimmed a bit and the entrance lit up. I thought this would be Edge since everyone saw him outside earlier and got his autograph. However, an even bigger suprise happened. It was Umaga, one of my favorites. I felt bad for my girlfriend, she loves Umaga but she couldn't go to the shows since college started. I wish she could've been there, as Umaga got in Black Pain's face and they exchanged animalistic mannuerisms: growling, yelling, slapping their chests and heads, etc. Black Pain backed down and left, and as Barretta got to his feet, Umaga hit a side kick, sending him to the corner. Umaga then charged with a thump in the corner, then a samoan spike. It was really neat seeing him there, and i marked out big time for it.
13) Tyrone Jones (Tyson Tarver) vs Lupe Martinez (Damien Santiago)
Personally, I hope these guys keep the names they have. I'm assuming Tyson Tarver is a take on Mike Tyson and Antonio Tarver, which would be stupid. I am one of the few who likes Jones. To me he is a good heel and a pretty decent wrestler. He has a killer T-bone suplex which i wish he would use more often. Lupe is a newer wrestler, but he is beginning to be liked more and more each week. This match was very intense and stiff. An axehandle by Jones definitely made me cringe. Lupe responded with a very stiff dropkick to Tyrone's head. Lupe appeared to have control for a while, but Tyrone caught him with a northern lariat. Then, in a somewhat sloppy finish, (mostly on Lupe being late to take the punch) Tyrone nailed Lupe with a STIFF punch to the face for the win
Winner- Tyrone Jones
Tyrone Jones then cut a quick promo saying anyone who gets in his way will be destroyed.
14) Brian Kelly, Kafu, and Drew McIntyre vs TJ Wilson, Ricky Ortiz, and Johnny Prime
It was a nice bonus on top of many bonuses having Ortiz wrestle again at FCW. TJ as I said is long overdue for being called up. Johnny Prime is very new and he has potential, he just needs to keep working on it. I wish some of the newer guys could cut promos so I can see their mic skills and whatnot. This was Drews third match, so yet another round of "Screw you, Drew". Kafu is a bulky Brazilian guy who just recently turned heel. To me, his wrestling is much better as a heel, he does a devastating chokeslam into a backbreaker, and overall he's better than he's ever been. In addition to this being Brian Kelly's first time being a manager, he wrestled as well. This match was pretty fast also, with Drew working over TJ in the beginning. Ortiz hit some nice moves on Kafu, including a leg lariat and a nice DDT. This part is what got me. Brian Kelly gets tagged in, with the opponent DOWN, and just tags out. I thought he would wrestle, not play the Coach card. He resembled the Coach even more to me in this match than before. He was good at it though. And his attire was hilarious, he wore his normal grey suit for commentary, with white gloves and white kneepads over the suit. He did draw the inexperienced Prime over to get attacked by Drew though. Triple-Teaming on Prime caused all six men to get involved. TJ and Ortiz both dive to the outside on Drew and Kafu. This allows Prime to hit a Crossbody off the top rope on Kelly for the win.
Winners- Johnny Prime, Ricky Ortiz, and TJ Wilson
15) Roucka and Alicia Fox vs Kelly Kelly and Wesley Holiday (Formerly Miss Daisy)
This match was pretty bad too, although it was nice to see Kelly. For those who don't remember, Fox is the wedding planner who messed around with Edge on Smackdown. Fox and Holiday started, trading some typical arm drags and snapmares. Kelly tags in and starts punching and elbowing Fox; the punches looked very bad and weak. Holiday came back in, but Fox and Roucka got control of her. Finally Kelly gets tagged back in, and she does a nice backflip off the top into an arm drag. She throws Fox into the corner, and does a terrible cartwheel backflip elbow, which she actually had to change directions to prevent missing and hitting the ropes. Remember when Muta did it and it was a nice, fluid motion? Anyways Kelly then hit a Rocker Dropper (I won't call it a FameAsser) for the win.
Winners- Kelly Kelly and Wesley Holiday
16) Florida Heavyweight Championship
Eric Escobar (formerly Eric Perez) vs Sheamus
This match was okay, I always enjoy seeing Sheamus wrestle, despite the "get a tan" chants. This was the second week in a row that Eric got a shot at the title(last week he was disqualified for choking Sheamus with his own wrist tape). And again, I think they should've had someone else challenge for the title. TJ Wilson always has great title matches, like when he used to wrestle Jake Hager (Jack Swagger). But anyways, Eric took some momentum early, scoring with dropkicks and a nice back body drop. This match was pretty short too. Sheamus controlled Eric with some ground moves. Eric made a comeback and slapped on a very sloppy looking crossface. Throughout the match, the action was sloppy at times, as I don't think these too mix well. Eric eventually attempted his usual finisher which is a version of the TKO, but Sheamus landed on his feet, and attempted his Leg Trap Choke Bomb. Eric turned it around and tried a full nelson slam, but Sheamus dropped down and kicked Eric in the jaw, he then connected with his patented Axe Kick. Sheamus picked Eric off the ground and connected with his Leg Trap Choke Bomb, a very nice finishing manuever.
Winner- Sheamus
I thought the main event should've been the tag team title match, as it was clearly the best. However this was a really good show and perhaps the best one yet, surprisingly going an extra hour. It was nice seeing all the WWE Wrestlers that showed up, and a full card of 16 matches. Very nice