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Evolve 40 iPPV results: Richochet, Chris Hero. Uhaa Nation, Drew Galloway, more

Submitted from anonymous | San Jose, CA

Non-Title Match: Drew Galloway pinned Uhaa Nation in 11:14 with the "Future Shock" DDT. 

Really strong opener between these two.  Galloway started off before the match cutting another great promo.  A lot of good back and forth action.  Nation is really impressive live and will do well in the WWE.  Galloway one again looked great with everything he did.  Nice finishing sequence into the Galloway's Future Shock DDT.  After the match, Galloway put over Nation. 

Timothy Thatcher submitted Tommy End in 16:23 with a fujiwara armbar. 

Match of The Night and so far the best match I have seen all weekend (Charlotte vs Sasha Banks at NXT San Jose as the second).  A great grappler (Thatcher) vs striker (End) match.  This built slowly with Thatcher's grappling, but End was no slouch on the ground.  The crowd was waiting for End to unload with those nasty stiff kicks, but they made you wait for it to perfection.  End started to unload with kicks and even did a beautiful spinning back kick that Thatcher sold nearly knocked out to perfection.  Only negative was End walked away and wanted to win by a 10 count.   In pro wrestling, that just doesn't work as it only takes a three count to win.  This crowd was not educated for that spot.  End would have been best to just have gone for the near fall there.  Another great sequence was End in Thatcher's guard and raining down elbows, but Thatcher caught him in beautiful armbar.   Beautiful match. 

Drew Gulak submitted TJ Perkins in 12:13 with an ankle lock. 

Good match, but it was very hard to follow the Thatcher/End match.  The mat wrestling was fast and slick, but what brought this match down was Perkin's robotic work.  He would do the holds and counter holds beautifully, but didn't have the facial expressions to make people believe in what he was doing.  Made you appreciate Thatcher's work even more.  Gulak however is very good, and told a story of working on the leg of Perkins.  Gulak got with an ankle lock after several reversals and attempts throughout the match.

AR Fox pinned Ethan Page in 13:36 with a 450 splash. 

AR Fox came out to a great reaction and at least he had better gear this time around on.  Still the gear was an "Ebay special", but it was better then what he had on Thursday night.  Ethan Page looked a lot better in this match then he did with Chris Hero on Thursday night. After two pervious matches of mat wrestling, these two turned up it up a notch with big spots.  Then it got ridiculous.  I felt that Page needed a gun to defeat Fox.  I mean Fox must be Superman himself taking all these huge moves and kicking out.  At one point Page hit a lawn dart into the second turn buckle that looked nasty, but then picked him up and did two more moves for a two count.  What was funny was those three moves in a row got less and less impressive. Actually all they needed was a near fall after the lawn dart.  This match was a video game and unrealistic. Fox is a crazy daredevil with his flying moves which are impressive, but so much happens with his match I forget it when it is over. 
Chris Hero pinned Biff Busick in 19:37 with a tombstone piledriver

Great match.  The build up for this match was great.  Hero once again played the bully, and Busick was not having none of it.  Real good physical action.  They brawled outside the ring and all what was done looked fantastic.  Hero would punish Busick, but he kept fighting back.  Hero hit a piledriver, but Busick kicked out.   Busick kept trying to lock on his bulldog choke, but Hero kept reversing out of it.   Finally to finish off Busick, Hero nailed a tombstone piledriver. 

Johnny Gargano and Rich Swan versus Caleb Konely and Brian Cage (15:07)

I did not list the winner, because who knows who won.  Swann hurt his ribs and had the air knocked out of him and he could not catch is breath.  Garagno had to be in a long heat spot, while they tried to give Swann time to recover.  They went to take the match home and Gargano locked on on his "GargaNoEscape" submission on Konely who tapped out.  So we thought, but the ring announcer then announced the winners do to injury stoppage Brian Cage and Caleb Konely.  The crowd was confused and the unfortunate injury caused a mess.  Highlight was Rich Swann's great entrance singing the entire Lionel Richie's "All Night Song". 

Ricochet pinned PJ Black in 14:23 with a 630 Splash

Seeing Ricochet as himself he has so much personality, but when he is Prince Puma on Lucha Underground the only thing that stands out is his high flying ability.  PJ Black grabbed the mic and said "I am not really a promo guy", but then cut a very good promo.  This was a great high flying match in which both guys built up to their big spots.  Black was having a great time out there and Ricochet is just something to see live.  That guy has The Wrestling Observer High Flying Award locked down for years to come.  Awesome moment was Ricochet missed the springboard 450, but Black quickly did one himself and landed for a great near fall.  Finished was Ricochet reversed a top rope rana by Black and stuffed with him a short power bomb in the corner.  That was nasty.  Ricochet hit a 630 off the top for the pin. 

Overall Thoughts:

Way better then Thursday nights show.  Very good from top to bottom.  It was the best show of the weekend until I saw NXT in San Jose later that night.   I would highly recommend getting the IPPV replay of this show.