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Global Force Wrestling report 8-28 Harrisburg, PA

By Dave Muscarella

Pat Buck def Dirty Money via piledriver. Pat Buck was announced as
being from Harrisburg to get a cheap pop from the crowd.

Pepper Parks def Kevin Matthews when he hits a lung blower

Brandon Baxter says GFW’s mission is to present wrestling the way it
used to be. And out comes Jeff Jarrett for a promo and thanks the
Harrisburg Senators and the fans.

Due to travel issues, Karl Anderson is not here. Ali Akbar & Sanada
cut a heel promo about having their own issues being foreigners and
say the main event is Doc Gallows vs Akbar & Sanada in a handicap

Kimber Lee def Cherry Bomb via alligator clutch after Cherry Bomb
missed hitting Kimber Lee with her BSE in a good, but way too short
match given the talent of both ladies.

Eddie Smooth def BLK Jeez and Sonjay Dutt after he hits an elbow drop
off the top onto BLK Jeez.

Chris Mordetzky def Brian Myers with the Masterlock, Modetzky was the
only heel to win a match all night, but still got cheers from the
crowd since he was a former WWE guy that the crowd knew.

Kevin Nash cut a promo in the ring and said “the torch has been passed
from the nWo to the Bullet Club.”

Doc Gallows w/ Bullet Babe Amber Gallows def Ali Akbar & Sanada in a
handicapped match when Doc Gallows used a bat from Jeff Jarrett who
was at ringside while the ref was down and pinned Ali Akbar.

After the show Jarrett and Nash posed for photos in the ring.

Show was 2 hours long including a 30 minute intermission.

Best match was the 3 way match which
was also the longest of the matches.