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GWF Amped TV tapings 7-24-15 Las Vegas

By Chris Lozano

There was a meet and greet before the show. Fans that purchased a signed guitar got a private meet and greet with Jeff Jarrett after the show.

Here are the results for the show.

PJ Black defeated Sanada in a NEX*GEN title tournament match. Black got some mic time.

Bobby Roode did an in ring segment and cut a heel promo on the crowd. Fans chanted "TNA sucks" but he turned on them and said that the crowd in Vegas sucks. Roode said that he would win the tournament and would take the GFW title back to TNA. Nick Aldis came out and then he was attacked by Kongo Kong. Kong and Roode attacked Aldis. Roode locked Aldis in the crippler crossface.

Lucha action is next... Phoenix Star, Zokre, and MIsterio, Jr. beat Steve Pain, Bestia 666, and Blood Eagle. The crowd was into this and there was a bunch of Lucha Libre fans in the crowd.

The Bollywood Boys beat The Akbars.

Kushida beat Virgil Flynn.

Karen Jarrett came out and talked about the women of GFW. Lei'D Tapa came out with her manager. I didn't catch his name. This led to the women's match. Christina Von Eerie beat Micke James and Lei'D Tapa in a Triple Threat Match. This was a women's title tournament match.

Jigsaw beat Sonjay Dutt. Good fast paced action here. This was a NEX*GEN title tournament match.

Chael Sonnen did a heel promo in the ring. He was great. He spotted  Phil Baroni in the crowd and had some words with him. Sonnen announced taht Firgil Flynn will get a chance to wrestle in the NEX*GEN tournament. PJ Black was not happy about this and he came out and superkicked Flynn.

Brian Myers defeated Chris Mordetzky. This was a Global Championship tournament match. Both guys worked really hard. Mordetzky has improved a ton since he left WWE.

Reno SCUM defeated Los Luchas. Another really good match. There were fans that popped for Reno SCUM since they are from Vegas.

Bobby Roode defeated Kevin Kross. Good match but it looked like Kross might have been injured in the match. Not sure.

Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring and thanked the fans. Bobby Roode came out and cut a promo on Jarrett. Jarrett took off his jacked and looked like he was ready to fight Roode.

Main event time: Nick Aldis defeated Kongo Kong. This was a Global title tournament match. Kong is really agile and was doing some cool moves for a guy his size. 

Good night. Mostly wrestling and the show breezed by. It ran about 3 and a half hours. Great turnout. Hopefully this is the start of something good.