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Jarrett and Global announce title situation

Global Force Wrestling announced today that they will have four different championships and that tournaments for all four titles will begin at the 7/24 tapings in Las Vegas at the Orleans Arena.

The main singles title will be the GFW Global championship, where TNA's Bobby Roode has been announced as one of the competitors.

A secondary singles title will be caleld the NEX GEN title, which will be a title for younger wrestlers on the way up.  It's takeoff on the X Division title which his father named for TNA, but without copying the terminology.

There will also be a tag team title and a women's title tournament.

The release indicated the tournaments would begin at the first tapings, but didn't announce when they would conclude, past announcing follow-up dates on 8/21 and 10/23 in the same arena for TV tapings.

At this point, there has been no announcement of a television deal or where these tapings wouild land.