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MLW Battle Riot 2 live results: 40 wrestlers vie for a World title shot

Preview by Josh Nason

Friday night brings us the second MLW Battle Riot event featuring a 40-man Royal Rumble-style no DQ main event where eliminations can happen via pin, submission, or a good old fashioned toss over the top rope. The winner earns themselves a shot at the MLW World title at any time.

The two hour show, airing live on BeIn Sports, will also feature LA Park vs. Jimmy Havoc, Low Ki vs. Daga, Teddy Hart vs. Ace Austin, and Brian Pillman vs. Rich Swann. Some matches will also be taped for MLW Fusion.

Battle Riot entrants announced so far include Hart, Callihan, Pillman, Swann, Ace Romero, Hijo de la Park, Davey Boy Smith Jr., LA Park, MJF, Pentagon Jr. Ray Fenix, Avalanche, Dan Severn, Air Wolf, Myron Reed, Mance Warner, Low Ki, Kotto Brazil, Rey Horus, and some promised surprises.

Our coverage begins at 8 PM Eastern.


MLW Middleweight Championship - Teddy Hart (c) vs Ace Austin

The Dynasty trio is ringside at a box and will likely play a part in this match since MJF is feuding with Hart over the belt. Jim Cornette is on color once again for this show, joining Rich Bonini. 

Slap/punch fest to start before Teddy hits Austin with a powerbomb/backbreaker combo, which knocks him to the outside. Hart hits a springboard moonsault to the outside, which garners a TEDDY chant from the crowd. Teddy takes some time to steal some champagne from the Dynasty and then spits it in the face of their security guard. 

Austin takes advantage of the distraction to hit some kicks from the rope onto Teddy and then goes to the outside to beat on him some more. Back in the ring, Austin goes for a springboard move of some sort off the top but Teddy blocks it and sets up a Canadian Destroyer from the top but Austin blocks that. Austin hits him with an enziguri to knock him off the top rope. Springboard leg drop from the top by Austin gets the first two count of the match. 

Hart takes over by slamming Austin into the top turnbuckle. He then hit the Canadian Destroyer from the top rope for the win. 


Teddy was interviewed at ringside and was asked who he has his eye on next and he referenced all three members of the Dynasty but seemed to indicate Alexander Hammerstone might be next. He then trash-talked all three of them before they smashed a champagne bottle over his head. 

Myron Reed (w/Rich Swann) vs GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion Minoru Tanaka

Swann has a piece of tape over his mouth because apparently he and Reed are not allowed to speak out. Swann has been suspended for 30 days due to putting his hands on an official. 

Crowd is solidly behind Minoru in this one. Reed rolls to the outside before they even touch, which gets easy heat. Tanaka nails a picture perfect dropkick for hte first big move of the match. Swann interferes, allowing Reed to hit an enziguri as we head to break. 

Back from break and Minoru hits a middle rope dropkick on Reed and follows with a snap suplex and kneedrop, before applying a cross armbreak. Crowd chanting TAP at Reed but he makes it to the ropes to break it up. They fight over a suplex and Reed hits a modified Stunner for a near fall. 

Springboard cutter by Reed gets a two. Reed misses a springboard move off the top and Tanaka captures the arm into the cross armbreaker but traps his shoulders for a three count. 


Backstage Selena De La Renta drew numbers for all the members of her stable. Sammi Callahan interrupted, claiming that she owes him money. Mance Warner came into the scene during all of this and did something with the lottery balls that Selena clearly didn't like. 

Brian Pillman Jr was interviewed backstage. Selena interrupted, after hearing he got a good number in the Battle Riot. She offered him money, or other goods and services (implying sex), for the number but he turned her down. Not before making some jokes about her breasts. 

New York City Street Fight for the MLW World heavyweight title -

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor (c) vs  "England's Most Dangerous Man" Jimmy Havoc

Announcers referenced the horrific injury that Havoc suffered when these two last fought with Lawlor slicing him open with a pizza cutter that required 30 stitches to close. Crowd in the corner of the champion, with FILTHY TOM chants during the introductions. 

Lawlor attacked during the intros and a cameraman gets taken out in the process. Lawlor takes over with a German suplex before they fight for control in the cormer. Havoc throws a chair at Lawlor and then gets a nearfall off a short-armed clothestline. Havoc gets a table from under the ring but Lawlor tosses a water bottle at him, before slamming the table into his head. 

Lawlor sets up the table between the apron and the ring barrier before the two brawl on the outside. Lawlor hits three shining wizards on the floor before getting a chair. He misses Havoc with it and Havoc retrieves it, nailing Lawlor in the back and head. Lawlor then hip-tosses Havoc through the table. He then gets an airhorn from the crowd but Havoc grabs it and destroys it, drawing boos from the crowd. 

Havoc gets another chair and two more tables from under hte ring. Actually, they might be doors. Havoc nails Lawlor with chair shots to the back. Lawlor hits an overhead suplex but then runs headfirst into a chair propped on the turnbuckle. Havoc hits a DDT for a 2 count. Havoc grabs a bunch more chairs from under the ring  and then nails Lawlor with a door, before setting it up on top of the chairs. 

Havoc sets up two chairs on top of the door but Lawlor powerbombs him off the top onto the contraption but only gets a two count. Lawlor suplexes him onto a chair, but that only gets a two. Lawlor sets up a door in the corner but Havoc knocks him out of the ring afterward. Lawlor with a figure four on the outside. Havoc breaks that up by stapling him in the forehead with a staple gun. 

Lawlor busted open after that and Havoc licks the blood before stapling him again, as the crowd chants YOU SICK F***. Havoc then hits the Acid Rainmaker on the ref. Lawlor hits an FU thru the door set up in the corner but the ref is out. Sub ref comes in but only gets a two. Lawlor nails Havoc with knees to the head and gets the pin. 


Backstage, Selena tried to get the Battle Riot number from a rookie who wasn't identified but she wasn't successful. They aired clips of the first Battle Riot, which was won by Tom Lawlor, leading to his current world title reign. They announced that the Battle Riot will be presented commercial free.

MLW's 2nd annual 40 man Battle Riot for a World title shot

MJF is out first. He grabs the mic from the ring announcer and insults the fans. He says that there are 39 guys in the back that can't hold a candle to him and he says he'll prove he's the "Ultimate Fighter" in MLW, which seems like a shot at Filthy Tom. But then Dan Severn is out next. Severn gets the streamer treatment from the crowd. Crowd chanting BEAST BEAST BEAST as he beats up MJF. El Hijo de LA Park is next. 

Seven nails him with a nice belly to back suplex, drawing a YOU STILL GOT IT chant. Next out is Air Wolf. Minoru Tanaka makes his 2nd appearance of the night, coming out next. Tanaka and Severn square off, trading forearms. Jordan Oliver comes out next. He's a 19 yr old high flyer who badly needs a tan. Rey Fenix comes out next as the ring is filling up. Pentagon Jr is, coincidentally, the next competitor. HE runs wild on everyone and the Lucha Brothers end up squaring off. 

Avalanche is next up, from wXw. MJF hands him some cash to create an alliance. MJF knocks Fenix off the top to the outside for the first elimination. Ace Romero is in at #10. Romero tosses Oliver to the outside to eliminate him. Pentagon is eliminated by El Hijo de LA Park. Ken Kerbis up next. He's the rookie that Selena tried to buy off. Given only one of her guys is in here, the announcers imply she may have gotten to him. 

Romero and Avalanche, the two biggest guys in their right now, match up in the center. Romero kind of wins that battle. Leo Bryant comes in, with a cowbell and beats on Avalanche. Tanaka eliminates Severn, which the crowd hates. Bryant's partner is in next, but they don't identify him, only saying that he's the other half of The Dirty Blondes. Tanaka eliminates Bryant as El Gingo Loco is out next. Michael Patrick is the "other" Dirty Blonde. MJF eliminates El Hijo de LA Park and Tanaka submits Patrick. 

Kotto Brazil is next out. The announcers point out that Teddy Hart suffered a concussion after being hit by the bottle and is out of this match. Rey Horus is next. Romero eliminates Kerbis as Rich Swann. is out. I thought he was suspended? His partner Myron Reed next out, going right after Rey Horus. They hit a double dropkick on Minoru, knocking him out of the ring and the match. Romero knocks Loco out of the ring. Barrington Hughes next out. 

Reed does a cross body onto Hughes and Romeor, bouncing off of him, which was funny. They then tossed him. Ace Austin next out. 4 guys team up to eliminate Hughes. Romero goes after Swann, who was celebrating after that and pins him, to eliminate him. Jimmy Yuta out next, as Avalanche was eliminated. Ace Austin eliminated by Yuta. MJF rolls out of the ring and trying to hide. Jacob Fatu is next up and pushed hard by the announcers. The other two members of Contra enter the ring and are attacking everyone. They stack 3 guys up and then Fatu hits a senton on them. Well, that was the idea but he missed them pretty badly. 

Gotch dumps gas on all of them and Samuel threatening to light it. This brings out a punch of officials and it's chaos. Fatu hits a springboard moonsault onto the three guys, Brazil, Horus and Yuta. Yuta's hand is shaking and Cornette says he may have nerve damage. The officials take the Contra members to the back, including Fatu, so I guess he's eliminated. MJF rolls back in and pins all 3 guys, leaving just him and Romero. He gets a two on him. 

Brian Pillman Jr next out. He's a huge crowd favorite as he squares off with MJF, and then superkicks him out of the ring for the elimination. Davey Boy Smith Jr next out and with Romero having rolled out of the ring, they are the only two in there. He comes back in before they have to square off and then Smith clotheslines him out. Smith and Pillman wait for the next entrant and LAX's musci plays as Konnan is out with Ortiz and Santana. The idea is that they got Teddy Hart's number. Konnan in there too so it's 3 on 2 against the Hart Foundation. 

Pillman laying the boots to Konnan as LAX double team Smith. Then Smith eliminates them both pretty easily, before Low Ki is out next. Pillman eliminates Konnan and now Smith and Pillman are 2 on 1 against Ki. LA Park is out next and he has a chair. It's actually a stool and he beats on Pillman with it. Announcers claim that Fatu has been subdued by six police officers backstage. Neil Sitochi (sp?) next out. Daga is next out and goes right after Low Ki. Blue Meanie is next out, to a huge pop. 

bWo chants from the crowd as Meanie hits everyone with eyepokes and then dances. Alexander Hammerstone out next. He's my pick to win. He eliminates Pillman. Crowd chanting Y2J at him, which is funny cause eveyrone used to say he looked like Triple H before he cut his hair. Sami Callahan out next. Callahan pins Meanie. Smith eliminates Sitochi. Ariel Dominguez next up. I watch MLW every week and I haven't ever seen a lot of these dues. Hammerstone press slams Dominguez out of the ring. 

LA Park eliminates Low Ki and Daga, who were brawling in the corner. Lance Anoai out next. I mssed an entrant, who I don't recognize. Mance Warner next out and he's got to be another favorite at this point. He's out with a 2x4 and runs wild on everyone. Crowd chants HOOOOO and USA. Richard Holliday, from the Dynasty, is #40. He and Hammerstone are partners, as are LA Park and Ricky Martinez, who is the entrant I missed. 

Warner eliminates MArtinez by tossing him over the top. Halliday and Hammerstone eliminate Anoi'a with a double pin. Smith with a big boot to Holliday, knocking him out, but Hammerstone knocks him out. Holliday and Smith brawl to the back. 

Final four are LA Park, Hammerstone, Callihan and Mance Warner are the final four. Warner and Hammerstone brawling on the apron and Warner eliminates Hammerstone, before Callihan knocks him out. Park and Callihan are the final two. 

Park throws Callihan over the top and he lands on the ramp, so saves elimination. But he comes back in and Park knocks him to the floor to win. 


Tom Lawlor is backstage in a press conference. He says he'll take on anyone from anywhere. He says he's been watching LA Park bulk up for the last year and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. As he's about to comment on Contra, he's attacked by all 3 of them and gets draped in their flag as the show ends.