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MLW TV taping spoilers: Two title matches, one title change

Images: JJ Williams

MLW returned to GILT Nightclub in Orlando, Florida last night for their latest set of television tapings.

- Parrow (w/ Colonel Parker) defeated Ariel Dominguez

Parrow picked up a decisive victory here.

- John Hennigan defeated Teddy Hart

The crowd loved Hart, and this match had excellent reactions. Both men showed unbelievable athleticism. A corner code red, cradle DDT, and middle rope moonsault elbows all led to near falls for Hart. Hennigan (the former John Morrison) hit Starship Pain for a near fall of his own.

Hennigan sat down on a sunset flip attempt for the win. After the match, Hart took a cheap shot before leaving Hennigan in the ring.

- Filthy Tom Lawlor (w/ Simon Gotch, Fred Yehi, and Team Filthy) defeated Jake Hager (w/ Colonel Parker)

They did mat work early, then traded big submission holds for near tap outs. The crowd was pro-Lawlor, and he defeated the former Jack Swagger with a crucifix roll-through pinning combination.

- Team Filthy (Simon Gotch & Fred Yehi) w/ Tom Lawlor defeated The Dirty Blondes (w/ Colonel Parker and Parrow)

Lawlor hit one of the Blondes with a chair and then tossed the chair to Parrow to distract the referee as Team Filthy scored the pin.

- Barrington Hughes defeated Leon Scott by DQ

Sawyer Fulton and Sami Callihan got involved, which led to Kotto Brazil making the save. He whaled on Fulton with Callihan's bat and then challenged Callihan to a one-on-one match.

- Sami Callihan defeated Kotto Brazil

The Death Machines and Hughes brawled off to the back, so this was a fair contest. Callihan won with a top rope powerbomb and a shoulderbreaker for the win

- Su Yung and Zeda Zhang destroyed two male newcomers who were about to have a match.

- Maxwell J. Friedman defeated Joey Janela (w/ Aria Blake) in a falls count anywhere street fight

Blake joined forces with MJF at the finish, turning against Janela. These two brawled all over ringside and in the back before the finish happened at the top of the stage.

- Simon Gotch (w/ Team Filthy) defeated Angel Pierce in a $500 open challenge

Pierce, who had boxing gloves and a corner man, lost fast.

- Jason Cade defeated Jimmy Yuta

Cade, who wants the spotlight that he feels Yuta took away from him, showed a new attitude here. Cade faked an injury, which allowed Rhett Giddins a chance to interfere. That led to Cade scoring the pin and celebrating with his seemingly new partner.

- Teddy Hart defeated Vandal Ortagun

A cradle DDT and double-knees backbreaker got the win for Hart. The fans loved Hart here in Orlando.

- Jimmy Havoc defeated Filthy Tom Lawlor in an anything goes match

A cheese grater, chairs, a door, and a pizza cutter were all used. Havoc caught Lawlor with a paper cut and then applied lemon juice before biting his fingers. Lawlor used the pizza cutter on Havoc's arm.

Havoc, who was bleeding, hit the Acid Rainmaker for the win and they helped him to the back.

- MLW Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. & Fenix defeated ACH & Rich Swann to retain their titles

Excellent match. The crowd was into everyone and loved the action. The Lucha Brothers used loud chops. ACH kept instigating Pentagon throughout the match and Fenix cleaned up when needed.

A double-team package piledriver and foot stomp finished it for the Lucha Brothers. There were multiple "This is awesome" chants, and the fans even threw money in the ring when the match was over.

- Ricky Martinez (w/ Salina de la Renta) defeated "White Belt"

- Low Ki defeated Shane Strickland to win the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Salina de la Renta was at ringside as she had a bounty on Strickland. Low Ki hit his kick to the back of the head to win the title before celebrating with de la Renta and earning his bounty reward.