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Northeast Wrestling August 2 results: Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto El Patron, Samoa Joe, Young Bucks

Submitted by Pat Hamilton

Chaotic Wrestling Champion Chase DelMonte vs. Mike Webb

These guys pretty much had an "Indy match" as you would say. Chaotic Wrestling is a small indy promotion out of Lowell, but many regulars were in the crowd, so Chase was over enough for the crowd to enjoy it. Mike Webb was ROH's top prospect tournament last year. Webb is usually solid, and Chase can put on a good match when its needed. Nothing too memorable, some chain wrestling, and a few dives. There was a botched spot where Chase went to leapfrog Webb with Webb coming off of the ropes behind him but he ended up landing on him. They recovered smoothly though and Chase went for a pin without hesitating. Webb went for a cross body, but chase caught him with an "RKO outta no where" (cutter is one of his finishers) that was well executed, and got the win off of it. Good finish, short match, and was a decent opener that did what it needed to do.

Stamos Syndicate and Jake Manning vs Team Frendship and The Cam-An Connection

This was a match geared towards the kids, and it was successful in that. The Stamos Syndicate is a 3 man heel stable from Northeast Wrestling with two large Samoan looking men, and some short guy. Jake Manning played a cub scout leader who would refer to his guidebook before executing a move, only to have the baby face foil his plans. Imagine Sargent slaughter as a cub scout. Team friendship is a hilarious team with Mark Shurman who is a muscular handsome baby face, but is a little dumb and over excited, and his short partner, who tries to calm him down and gets frustrated when his partners mental capacity comes up short. The Cam-An connection are an ambiguously gay babyface team who come out to the backstreet boys, and wrestle solid matches considering how young they are.

The babyfaces controlled the early going. At one point, both members of the Can-Am Connection go for dives outside of the ring, and each of them miss and land on their backs  A fun spot where Shurman hip tosses one of the heels then jumps up and down in excitement, then the next one steps in line and the process repeats. Then, caught up in his excitement, goes to hip toss the ref, but the distraction is enough for the heels to gain some heat and take control. Although this didn't last long as the baby faces shineed, and team friendship got the pin in a finish. Nothing special, the match was a little sloppy, but the characters got the kids involved, and that's all this was really intended to do.

Brian Anthony v  Caleb Konley

This was basically a Smackdown match. Nothing memorable, but by no means sloppy or bad. It was fine, but the crowd was kin of stale for this one (not that it was a hot crowd really anyways) Brian Anthony is a heel who goes in through the crowd? I'm not sure what purpose is served, but he carries with him what I think is a mini hockey stick with black and green electrical tape on like half of it to match his ring gear. Also he came out to Disturbed in a trench coat. He would be "Generic heel #3" in a wrestling video game. Caleb was the babyface. They had "a match", the ref took a bump and Anthony hit Konley with a Hockey stick or something for the win, because nobody in Northeast Wrestling could find any baseball bats on a minor league baseball tour.

Alexxis vs. Mickie James

From a "wrestling" perspective, this was ok, but from an entertainment perspective, this was awesome! Mickie came out (to her wwe music which was weird to hear) and got a decent pop, and then just sat there while Alexxis came out and played awesome heel for about 10 minutes. She was arguing with kids in the front row, which the crowd really reacted to. After every move she would brag about how great she was, but she did it in a way that wasn't generic, and generated a lot of heat. Crowd loved this. Alexxis maintained the upper hand, keeping Mickie out of the ring until she snuck under the ring and popped out to get her first offense of the match. This caused Alexxis to pout loudly, much to the enjoyment of the kids at ringside. The match went back and fourth, with Mickie teasing Stratusfaction, but ultimately settling on a chick kick for the win. This match may have been the most over.

Next up is Mick Foley to thank the crowd for supporting the show and the wrestlers. Warbeard Hanson (half of War Machine in ROH) with a manager to interrupt and talk about how he's old and washed up and has a grey beard. Foley "My beard may be grey, but when I wake up in the morning, and put in some just for men, I'll look good as new (something like that), but when you wake up in the morning, you'll still absolutely suck." Foley would love to kick Hanson's ass, but his ass kicking days are over. However he has someone to do it for him, so out comes Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe vs Warbeard Hanson

Joe is the most over performer so far. Very loud Joe's gonna kill you chants. This match was fine. Warbeard came out of the previously mentioned Chaotic wrestling, so most people knew him, and the place went nuts for Joe. They basically wrestled a solidhitting big guy vs big guy match with the you cant knock me down standing in the ring spot. The each did their spots, Joe did the kick to Warbead when he was in the corner and the running senton, warbeard did the cartwheel and the kick. Joe locked in the sleeper hold, then locked in the hooks for the rear naked choke and the victory.

Donavan Dijak vs Flip Gordon

This was suppose to be Dijak vs Jimmy Preston, another local guy. Flip Gordon is a local guy who just started wrestling a few months ago, but boy does he live up to his name. Dijak is a monster compared to him as flip is about average person height. Flip is basically A.J. Styles during his X division days of 10 years ago, but with more flips. This match was fun. Flip does the Paul London entrance right into a stare down with Dijak. They Lock up, and Dijak tries to shove him across the ring, but he does a backwards roll into a backflip to land on his feet. Dijak whips him into the corner, but he does a backflip off of the turnbuckle over Dijak to land behind him. (imagine what Daniel Bryan does during his comeback, but set up to Christopher Daniels BME.). Right off of this, Dijak mimics him and does a backflip of his own.

Dijak charges but Flip pulls the rope down and Dijak spills to the outside. Flip hits a perfect flip dive. Back inside and Flip is hitting Dijak with some brutal stiff kicks in the corner. the ref backs him up, and then Flip charges right into a big boot. Dijak hits some stiff kicks of his own as they trade offense. The crowd is into this by now. Dijak goes for his finisher (It's like a fireman's carry into a nickbreaker, but the opponent is facing up instead, and the landing is more like a gts than a regular neck or backbreaker) but flip lands on his feet and kicks Dijak down. Flip goes for a shooting star press, but Dijak rolls out of the way and hits his finish for the win. Great match. It was short enough for Dijak to still look strong, but Flip got in enough offense to benefit equally from the match.

The Young Bucks vs The Kingdom

I'm sorry in advance, but I cannot tell the Bucks apart in the ring, never mind remember from a live show. Matt Taven is from a town about 15 min from Lowell, so he's treated as the hometown hero returning home after reaching success. The Bucks were I think suppose to be the heels, but its hard to tell from the language they wrestle in. (I cant remember if that's Bryan or Vinnie's term) The bucks come out with their normal entrance. The Kingdom come out and are in full Babyface mode. Bennett and Taven each go on top of a dugout and run across it high fiving and pumping up the crowd. this was awesome, and the crowd was way into this. The Bucks and The Kingdom trade trade many-a-kicks and crotch chops, with the Bucks yelling it high pitched voices during each move. The Bucks get thrown out of the ring, and say screw this and start to walk to the back. The kingdom come to stop them, only to have the bucks turn around and nail two perfectly timed beautiful super kicks, as well as some crotch chops.

The best moment of the night came when the bucks have Taven outside the ring and Bennett down in the ring. the ring is on home plate with the infield clear of any crowd. So one of the bucks grabs a mic, and starts insulting the Red Sox. He say's he'll show us how to hit a home run. So one of them pretends to throw a pitch, and the other pretends to swing a bat. Then the one who swings the bat proceeds to leave the ring, hop the guardrail, and run the bases, celebrating as if he hit a home run. he nears home plate, and dives over the guardrail into Taven. So then they proceed to switch places and do the exact spot AGAIN. This is SO awesome. As he runs down the third base line, Taven hops the guard rail, and superkicks this particular Buck, and leaves both men down on the third base line. The place went nuts for this.

At the end of the match, the Bucks to a million spots and kicks that make them so good at what they do, but the kingdom fights back, and cuts the ring off to one buck.  Then the kingdom tease a Meltzer Driver, but instead hit a similar looking spike piledriver  for the clean win over the Bucks. Post match, Taven cuts a promo thanking the fans, and northeast wrestling, and says he's happy to show everyone where he's started what he's been able to accomplish with The Kingdom.

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto El Patron vs Matt Hardy

Everyone comes out, with Hardy getting booed as most of us expected him to work as a heel, and Patron got a loud reaction from most of the older demographic. Rey comes out to a sea of cheers and kids in Mysterio masks, who were really the focus of this match. Patron grabs a mic and asks the crowd to cheer for Hardy, then him, and then Rey. He says he's sick of everyone cheering for Rey over him, because he's a 4 time world champ, and should be treated as such. He says he's gonna kick Rey's ass, and says that Hardy should be equally mad over all of these Americas rooting for a foreigner over him. The match starts, and Hardy acts indecisive at first, but eventually turns on Rey.

This match wasn't about being a 5-star match as this wasn't really the place for that. This was a family show at a baseball park, and the match was built around Rey overcoming the odds to win, despite his size. To us this is a little overplayed, but given that this is an indy show in a ball park, and not ROH final battle 2015, this was the perfect main event. Eventually Rey hits the double 619, and the frog splash on Hardy for the win.