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PROGRESS Chapter 103 results: Cara Noir vs. Mark Andrews

PROGRESS returned to the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London on Sunday for Chapter 103: "Beer Snake City." The show saw Cara Noir defend the Unified World Championship in the main event.

- Pre-show: Rocky Mac defeated Josef Kafka

The main show started with new ring announcer Matt Richards announcing that Charli Evans and Tag Team Champion Jordan Devlin’s injuries meant that some changes had to be done to the card. Instead of the advertised tag match of Toni Storm & Jinny vs. Evans & Millie McKenzie, Storm would instead take on McKenzie one-on-one. Scotty Davis would still face the WorkHorsemen in a non-title match with a replacement partner.  

- Scotty Davis & Eddie Kingston defeated The WorkHorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry)

Davis pinned Henry for the win. Drake and Kingston had some very hard chop exchanges, while Davis and Henry had a mat-based technical contest with some boxing in between. 

- Gisele Shaw defeated Chakara

Shaw got the win by submission. The fans were cheering for her initially, but she gradually dialed up the aggression and started showing off, turning the crowd in favor of Chakara.

- The Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.) & WALTER defeated More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney)

WALTER remained completely serious and refused to partake in Dunne and Santos’ comedy spots in this match. More Than Hype applied a lot of teamwork offense that the crowd ate up.

- Proteus Championship match: Paul Robinson defeated Kyle Fletcher via TKO to retain

Fletcher made use of his size advantage and took control over the champion. The action quickly went outside where chairs were used. Robinson was awarded the victory via TKO after backing Fletcher into the corner and rapidly hitting a flurry of punches to which Fletcher had no answer for.

After the match, Robinson cut an off-the-cuff promo where he explained the rules to the crowd. 

- Millie McKenzie defeated Toni Storm

McKenzie hit a spear after Storm was distracted by Charli Evans who was stood on the stage. The Medusa Complex beat down Storm after the match before PROGRESS Women’s Champion Jinny came out to even the odds.

After much deliberation, Storm shook Jinny’s hand before they walked to the back.

- Ilja Dragunov defeated Malik

Dragunov got the win with a Torpedo Moscow running uppercut.

After a post-match moment of respect between both men, Eddie Kingston ran out to attack Dragunov. He cut a promo where he claimed he made people like Adam Cole and Matt Riddle, and said that he is tired of putting people over. He finished the promo by telling Dragunov that after he is done with him, he is coming for his “boyfriend,” referring to Cara Noir. 

- PROGRESS Unified World Championship: Cara Noir defeated Mark Andrews to retain

Just as Noir’s entrance was about to climax, Eddie Dennis nudged him with his foot, causing an angry Cara Noir to go straight after Mark Andrews. The crowd was electric throughout this match, firmly in favor of Noir. The finish came as Andrews hit Fall to Pieces, but Noir kicked out and quickly applied a rear naked choke to which Andrews tapped out. 

PROGRESS' next show takes place on Sunday, March 29 with Chapter 104: “Jeff Goldblum’s Fly Machine."