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The Week In British Wrestling: ATTACK! line up a Survivor Series finale

Here’s five things you need to know about British wrestling this week:

1) There was Halloween horror, fun-style, at ATTACK!

ATTACK! Pro-Wrestling returned to their Bristol home, the Trinity Centre, last Friday for the fourth annual celebration of things that go bump in the night, Goosebumps.

The show, which sees many of the ATTACK! regulars dress in Halloween outfits, was main evented by Pete Dunne and the newly-turned Nixon Newell -- who came out, of course, as the Joker & Harley Quinn -- vs. Project Lucha.

For this special night, however, instead of Martin Kirby & El Ligero, Project Lucha was made up of Kirby Owens & El Ligenerico, with both men not only dressed as the two frenemies but also stealing their moves.

"Owens" & "Generico" reunite -- photo by James Stansfield

Dunne & Newell picked up the win, which sparked a bench-clearing brawl and the announcement of a huge match for the promotion's next Cardiff show -- a traditional Survivor Series-style match between a team captained by Dunne and one led by announcer Jim Lee.

That match will co-headline with two others -- the battle between former Anti-Fun Policeman Ryan Smile and the AFP's current leader, Chief Deputy Dunne, and the final of the ATTACK! Heavyweight Championship tournament, between Eddie Dennis and Mike Bird. Both Dennis and Bird warmed up with victories -- Dennis over surprise guest Marty Scurll, and Bird in a superb contest against Tyler Bate.

Marty Scurll makes his entrance -- photo by Simon Frankcom

"Extremely Confused" Drew Parker -- who received a blow to the head and now believes he is part of ECW's 1990s roster -- appeared as "Drew Jack," complete with garbage can of weapons, but fell to Wild Boar in a four-way which also included Danny Jones and Jim Construction.

Parker and Boar collide again this Saturday, in Cheltenham, where Parker has teased becoming "The Human Drewplex Machine," Taz. The show was due to open with a contest between Mark Andrews and cult hero Splits McPinns, but this turned into a six-man after ATTACK! Tag Team Champions #CCK and Chief Deputy Dunne attacked both men, leading to Ryan Smile making the save and picking up the win.

The show is already available on ATTACK'S Vimeo service, and they return this Saturday in Cheltenham.

2) Wolfgang remained unbeaten on the Road To Fear & Loathing

The road to Fear & Loathing IX, which has sold almost 7,000 tickets and counting, is almost complete after Insane Championship Wrestling's UK tour of England and Wales finished up on Sunday. This leg of the jaunt -- taking in Cardiff, Wolverhampton, London, and Leicester -- saw Wolfgang continue his winning streak, downing BT Gunn twice, Matt Cross, and Jimmy Havoc.

The second victory over Gunn, in Leicester, sparked a confrontation between the two factions vying for control of the company, and it all comes down to a four-on-four match at the Hydro on November 20th.

Wolfgang's opponent in the main event of Fear & Loathing, Trent Seven, also had a good weekend. He, too, beat BT Gunn, and also picked up wins against Davey Blaze and Kid Fite, before joining several other British talents in Glasgow for a WWE tryout.

Names on that list include James Drake, Bea Priestley, Pete Dunne, Nixon Newell, Adam Maxted, Pollyanna, Charlie Garrett, Jinny, T-Bone, and Viper, and it's a testament to the strength of the UK scene that so many are considered worthy of a tryout for the big leagues.

The Welsh trio of Rees, Boar & Bird celebrate in Cardiff -- photo by Jay Whittle

Back to ICW, where Polo Promotions continued their dominant tour, winning matches on the first three nights before interrupting Nathan Cruz and Dan Moloney's match to send a message to their opponents at the big one, Team 3D. Also warming up for a big match -- this one against Kurt Angle -- was Joe Coffey. He beat Joel Redman in Cardiff, Kid Fite in Wolverhampton, and Travis Banks in Leicester, but fell to Matt Cross in London.

With Viper absent due to WWE duties, one of her opponents at the Hydro -- Kay Lee Ray -- also picked up a couple of wins, beating Nixon Newell and Session Moth Martina, and all the tour shows will soon be available to watch on ICW On Demand.

The promotion have one more show before the big one -- a Friday Night Fight Club special the night before in Glasgow -- but Fear & Loathing IX is definitely the focus of all attention north of the border right now.

3) Havoc was beaten at IPW:UK but still kept his title -- for now

The International Pro-Wrestling: United Kingdom Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Havoc may have escaped last Sunday’s Brawl @ The Hall with his belt intact after losing a non-title grudge match against former flunky James Davis (of the London Riots), but he’s a marked man whose days at the top of the IPW:UK tree may be numbered.

Not only did “Blackbelt” Tom Dawkins challenge the champion after dispatching Giovanni Lombardo Jr. in under a minute, but former All-England Champion Sammy Smooth not only prevented Havoc from cheating in his match with Davis but also confirmed he would be facing the champion in an I Quit match at Supershow 5 on December 18th.

Smooth had earlier teamed with Scott Star in a match against Adam Maxted & Joseph Conners which went to a double DQ, and there was further tag team action after that as the Swords of Essex put their IPW:UK tag titles on the line against DnD.

The Swords that won the titles were Paul Robinson & Scotty Essex, but in demanding that they defend their title IPW:UK owner Daniel Edler apparently forgot there were three members of the team, which allowed Will Ospreay -- who lost a loser leaves IPW:UK match earlier in the year -- to return to the roster. After the match, Ospreay blackmailed Edler into giving him a match on Supershow 5 -- against Cody Rhodes.

El Ligero takes a breather -- photo by shoot.wrestle's JD Howells

The show opened with a “mathematical debate,” presented by Fentos, which was interrupted by El Ligero who beat “The Genius” by pinfall, and also featured wins for Chakara (her first in IPW:UK, over Nightshade), Cuban Heat (in a 10,000 Peso Challenge against Sid Scala), and for Zack Gibson, who beat former WWE star Adam Rose (complete with Rosebuds, including Mr. Blobby).

The show will soon be available on IPW:UK On Demand, and the promotion return on December 4th in Swanley for Future 21.

4) RevPro’s return to Sittingbourne was hit by the WWE tryouts

Despite losing several competitors from the originally-announced card due to the WWE tryouts, Revolution Pro-Wrestling still managed to put on a solid card on their return to Sittingbourne last Sunday.

Reinstated to the roster after some discipline issues (which saw him miss out on being part of this week’s Global Wars with New Japan), Josh Bodom stepped up in the main event to take on Eddie Dennis, and the two knocked it out of the park in front of a thrilled crowd. The original main event -- Marty Scurll vs. Ryan Smile -- was canceled due to Smile being ill, and Scurll withdrew from the show to take part in commentary.

The show opened with a clash of RevPro’s young lions, graduates from the Portsmouth School of Professional Wrestling, which saw Dan Magee roll up Rob Lias, despite battling a knee injury, and earn a match later in the card against an opponent of Marty Scurll’s choice. That turned out to be Doug Williams, and the veteran schooled the youngster before ending him with the Bomb Scare Kneedrop. Williams wasn’t the only veteran on the show, as RJ Singh made his return to RevPro and beat James Castle with a Singhton Bomb.

Smile’s illness also affected the announced women’s match, as Alex Windsor withdrew from her rematch with Zoe Lucas to care for her fiancé. Her place was taken by Dragon Pro-Wrestling’s Sierra Loxton, who put on a great showing before falling to the RevPro regular.

The show also featured wins for Jake McLuskey & The Bruce (over RevPro debutantes Wild Boar & Mike Bird) and for Joel Redman, who beat the ever-entertaining Lord Gideon Grey.

RevPro have a big double-shot this week, with the Global Wars shows featuring New Japan, in Bethnal Green on Thursday November 10th and in Walthamstow on Friday November 11th, and all that action will be available to watch on RevPro On Demand.

5) Rory Coyle got suspended for attacking a fan at NORTH (and other stuff)

The opening match at NORTH Wrestling’s sophomore show, NCL.2, ended in controversy as Rory Coyle, fresh from a loss to Pastor William Eaver, attacked a fan in the crowd who was heckling him. His actions have led to a suspension.

The show was headlined by a HT Drake win over Nathan Cruz, and was the scene of a wild brawl between Paul Robinson and Jason Prime. Robinson beat Prime quickly and dirtily, but the decision was overturned and the match restarted, and it turned into a riverside no DQ street fight, which Prime won. There were also wins for Alexander Henry (over Roy Johnson), Little Miss Roxxy (against Session Moth Martina), and the team of Damian Dunne & Clint Margera. NORTH return in February with NCL.3.

Jason Prime threatens to throw Paul Robinson into the Tyne -- photo by One On The City

Preston City Wrestling journeyed over the border into Wales last Saturday for Wrexhamania, an event held in conjunction with the Wales Comic Con. More low key than many of their shows, it nevertheless featured PCW Heavyweight Champion Iestyn Rees in the main event, successfully defending his title against Charlie Garrett, and saw ex-WWE star Adam Rose lose to one half of the PCW Tag Team Champions, Joey Hayes.

The show opened with a win for Bubblegum, and there were also victories for El Ligero, Danny Hope, and Jennie B. PCW return on November 17th and 18th with a pair of shows with CZW in Liverpool and Manchester.

Adam Rose and Joey Hayes go at it

Finally, I’m sad to announce the closure of south London promotion Future Pro-Wrestling, who I’ve featured heavily in this column in the past. After five years of promoting shows they feel it’s a natural time to call it a day, and I wish them all the luck with whatever they do next. After the loss last month of VII Pro-Wrestling, it’s a reminder that -- no matter how healthy the scene -- there are always comings and goings, so support your local independent!