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Jan 15 Adam & Mike Show: Nakamura, January 4th Dome show, Chikara, MSG Classics, tons more

The original alternate is back. Sort of. If there was ever a show that was the equivalent of 75-minutes of maintenance booking, this is it. We’ll be back before Wednesday with a more coherent and action packed show covering everything from 108-person battle royals to birthday celebrations, but, until then, the topics this week include, but aren’t limited to: one co-hosts’ profanity and the Shinsuke Defense Fund – which of course means we talked about New Japan’s main matches on January 4, wanting more MSG Classic throwback programming, should we watch the October 19 Chikara show, and more from the radio show that knows you’d rather pull SEMP’s lever than Dave’s; It’s the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at WrestlingObserver.com.

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