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Jan. 21 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly - That man got KNOCKED THE F@#! OUT!!!!!!

Broadcasting this week from Smokey Joe's Cafe, it's Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly with Les Thatcher, Will Strause and Victor Sosa!  We stole the B&V show opening gimmick this week, and if you heard last week's show, then I'm sure you'll understand.  If you're looking for detailed analysis of this past week's wrestling tv, this ain't your show.  We do spend a decent amount of time discussing Evan Bourne's issues, but the majority of this show is spent on another topic; concussions.  No, not a clinical discussion, but with Low-Ki knocking a man out last week, we talk about how situations like that should be handled, where the fault lies when a match is not stopped as a result of someone getting their bell rung, working stiff vs. working lightly, and the reason the traditional wrestler's handshake is a limp one.  Be on the lookout for our "Questions for Les" thread, which should be up in the "Radio Shows" part of THE BOARD around midweek and enjoy today's show!