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Jan. 28 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: A look at Smokey Mountain Wrestling; Rumble Predictions & more

Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher go almost completely old school today, as we talk about Les’ time working for Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Before we get there, though we will touch briefly on WWE, and discuss when enough is enough…the right time to end a match, and why not enough guys know when that is these days.  As for the SMW discussion, you’ll hear about the differences between working with Bob Caudle, Dutch Mantell and Jim Ross on commentary, having Jim Cornette as a boss, and why Les’ crew who used to think he was too hard on them changed their minds when they met Jim Cornette.  Hint; it has to do with broken windows.  We’ll also talk about the circumstances behind the demise of SMW, and legendary music producer Rick Rubin, who initially was one of the financial backers of the promotion.  Finally, we’ll wrap with predictions for the Royal Rumble PPV!  A really fun show, and we’d love for you to visit our thread in the “Radio Shows” forum on the board for some extras you won’t find on the main page!