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January 15 2007 Figure Four Daily

Our special guest today is Nattie Neidhart, daughter of Jim the Anvil and granddaughter of Hart family patriarch Stu. We'll discuss her recent WWE signing, her goals in the company, how Harry Smith is doing (they're training partners), what it was like growing up with the Anvil for a father (including dating issues), strange animals at the Hart House, working for Matrats, getting help early on from Mauro Ranallo, why the family loved Mauro, whether Teddy Hart has always been wacky, whether she was approached about WSX, what it was like training, memories of her first match, wrestling in Europe and Japan, some of her favorite matches and opponents, other girls on the indy scene who might be a good fit in WWE, Dark Angel from CMLL, her longest tour, getting to wrestle at Korakuen Hall, Kenta Kobashi and other Japanese favorites, what her father thought of her getting into wrestling, whether she wanted to be a Diva growing up, and tons more!

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