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January 20 2007 Bryan and Vinny Show

We're finishing off the week with a big one, a nearly hour and a half Bryan & Vinny Show devoted to ECW, Smackdown, TNA and Ring of Honor's FIGHT OF THE CENTURY~! We'll discuss the worst ECW show from a wrestling standpoint maybe forever, the debut of MARQUIS VON COR~!, Sting's insane Crusade (yes, I capitalized it, he's a madman), Angle vs. AJ and what I'd like to see next, a fun Smackdown show both from an in-ring perspective and a booking standpoint, why you must buy this ROH DVD, the two best matches on the show and how we'd rate them, VINNY GETS A HAIR CUT, memories of Bam Bam Bigelow, and tons more! Start the weekend off right~!

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