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New Japan BOSJ results night 4: Will Ospreay vs. Trent Baretta; Ricochet vs. Bobby Fish

Day 4 results of the Best of the Super Junior tournament are in. Here’s what went down this morning in Yamagata, which featured B Block action:

Tiger Mask vs. Volador Jr.

Pretty solid match. Both guys looked very good. Volador’s thing is he’ll wrestle for half the match with the mask on, then take off the mask for his comeback. Tiger Mask came back and laid him out with a Tiger bomb and tried to submit him with a seated armbar but Volador got to the ropes. He came back with a backstabber then submitted him with him standing over Tiger Mask and having him submit to an armbar while kneeling.

Chase Owens vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

Solid match. Yujiro was at ringside. Owens has improved a lot in between tours, though he was never bad . Good back and forth match. Owens was going for the package piledriver, but Liger escaped and pinned Owens with the crucifix for the out of nowhere win.

Yujiro jumped Liger immediately after the match, allowing Owens to lay out Liger with a package piledriver. Not sure what exactly this is over, but I believe it’s something storyline wise since he got legit injured during the recent ROH tour. They stretched him out. Kind of a bit too much when you do two stretcher jobs on the same tour, no?

Bobby Fish vs. Ricochet

I know this is a shock but Ricochet is amazing. He hopped over Fish’s kicks on the apron early, ran towards the turnbuckle and laid him out with a moonsault. It really has to be seen just how great he’s able to execute stuff like that so flawlessly.  This was really good, one of the best matches from this fixed camera shows so far. Ricochet looked awesome and Fish did his part well in being the guy that killed Ricochet’s momentum to get the heat. He worked over his legs and had him in some leg locks near the end but Ricochet was either able to escape or counter them. Ricochet drilled him with two knee strikes then finished him off with the Benadryller for the win.

Trent Baretta vs. Will Ospreay

Good back and forth early, crowd totally into Ospreay. Baretta gave him a German suplex on the apron and I’m pretty sure Ospreay landed on his head. Don’t take bumps like this, kids. Some great action towards the end. Baretta cut Ospreay off on the top rope and laid him out with a back to belly suplex off the top rope,, then followed that with a knee strike for a great near fall. Ospreay tried for a pin but Baretta kicked out and countered Ospreay with a Dudebuster for the win.

Current tallies:

Block A:

  • Rocky Romero - 4

  • Ryusuke Taguchi - 4

  • Kyle O’Reilly - 4

  • Gedo - 2

  • Matt Sydal - 2

  • David Finlay - 0

  • Kushida - 0

  • Bushi - 0

Block B:

  • Baretta - 4

  • Jushin Thunder Liger - 4

  • Ricochet - 4

  • Chase Owens - 2

  • Volador Jr. - 2

  • Tiger Mask - 0

  • Bobby Fish - 0

  • Will Ospreay - 0