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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors night seven results: Ospreay vs. ELP

NJPW returned to Korakuen Hall this morning for a big card headlined by a match that has been teased for the last few weeks, a bout between B Block participants El Phantasmo and Will Ospreay.

No prelim bouts today as both blocks will have matches here tonight.

A Block: Taiji Ishimori defeated Taka Michinoku

Michinoku got the heat quickly and took over. He, in fact, dominated this match for the most part. Ishimori freed himself from a headscissors submission, hit a springboard kick and went for the bloody cross. Michinoku avoided it and went for the Michinoku driver, but Ishimori connected with a knee and pinned Michinoku with the bloody cross, just like that. A good sprint of a match.

B Block: Bandido defeated Ren Narita

Things start off pretty even,. Bandido cut off Narita with a big dropkick to the chest then connected with a dropkick to the side of the head. Narita cut him off and went for a suplex, but Bandido escaped. He walked right into a Narita belly-to-belly overhead suplex.

Bandido went to the apron but Narita grabbed him by the waist. Bandido cut him off as the two fought on the apron. Narita responded with another big overhead belly-to-belly suplex. He followed with a tope, but Bandido grabbed him and powerbombed him on the apron.

Back in the ring, Bandido went for a shooting star press and but Narita rolled him up. The crowd went crazy over the near falls the two traded. Bandido finally cut him off with a version of the GTS then pinned him with a 21 plex. A crazy six minute match.

A Block: Jonathan Gresham defeated Titan

Some chain wrestling early, with both men looking strong in the department. After a great exchange, Titan extends his hand for a handshake. Gresham obliges, but Titan uses that to attack, working him over.

Gresham freed himself but Titan cut him off with a kick and went for a surfboard. Gresham willed himself out of the hold, kicked him in the arm and hit something that resembled la mistica, but without the submission hold. Titan countered with a O’Connor roll with a head bridge.

Titan cut off Gresham on the apron but Gresham grabbed his arm and wringed it on the ropes. Titan went to the top rope but Gresham worked the arm. Titan countered by grabbing Gresham and gut wrenching him on the apron.

After exchanging some near falls, Gresham went for the octopus stretch. Gresham managed to get him down then submitted him for the win. Really good match, these two have terrific chemistry and everything looked real crisp.

Block B: YOH defeated  Rocky Romero

The two threw up the 3K sign before they locked up. YOH soon had Romero on the offensive. Romero finds an opening by grabbing YOH and yanking him in a cross armbreaker. YOH escapes, but Romero continued to target the arm.

YOH comes back by grabbing Romero’s leg on the apron and dragon whipped him to the floor, then followed with another one when Romero went to the top rope. He followed that with the calf crusher. Romero escaped as the two continued to trade back and forth offense. YOH went for the dragon suplex, but Romero countered with a package attempt.

Romero goes for the cross armbreaker again but YOH countered by cradling him for a nearfall. He then caught him with another calf crusher attempt. This time, Romero tapped. Another good match, and an interesting result as the student beat the mentor.

Block A: Dragon Lee defeated Tiger Mask

Lee went for a hurricanrana but Tiger Mask powerbombed him then followed with a big dive to the floor. He went for a crossbody off the top, but Lee floated over for a nearfall.

Lee hit a penalty kick and went for desucandora but Tiger Mask hit a scary looking tombstone for the counter then hit the tiger bomb for a near fall. He went for the tiger suplex, but Lee tried to package him. Tiger Mask keeps him down with an armbar.

A superkick takes down Tiger Mask as Lee applies an STF. Tiger Mask escapes, but then is hit with two knee strikes then a desucandora for the win. Another good match.  

Block B: BUSHI defeated DOUKI

BUSHI waited no time in playing dirty by attacking DOUKI with a belt to kick things off. DOUKI countered by brawling with BUSHI into the crowd, throwing him into a pillar. Back in the ring, he hit a double foot stomp square in the stomach for a two count.

DOUKI held down BUSHI on the floor but got cut off big time with a dropkick as he tried to launch himself off the ropes. BUSHI fought back, hitting the rewind kick then DDT’d him on the apron.

BUSHI hit a lungblower then went for the MX. It connected, and just like that, BUSHI won. It was perfectly fine.

Block A: Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeated SHO by count out.

Kanemaru jumped SHO immediately and grabbed his ear, which was taped. He cut off Kanemaru on the apron and sent him to the floor with a running dropkick. Kanemaru dragged him into the crowd and went for a suplex, but SHO floated over and clotheslined him.

Kanemaru whipped SHO into the wall, then suplexed him on the concrete as he walked back to the ring. SHO was struggling to get to the ring, but as he made it back to ringside Kanemaru shoved young lion Yota Tsuji into SHO as he entered the ring and SHO was counted out. Definitely interesting while it lasted.

Block B: Robbie Eagles defeated Ryusuke Taguchi

After some technical mat wrestling, Eagles finds a leg and starts working on it. This doesn’t prevent Taguchi taking out Eagles with a plancha to the floor, then a hip attack off the top rope. Taguchi teased the bummer ye but Eagles dropkicked him into the ringpost then followed with sliced bread for a nearfall.

Eagles rolled Taguchi into an inverted leglock, then connected with a big knee to the corner. Eagles missed a 450 slam as Taguchi grabbed Eagles for the ankle lock. Eagles connected with the turbo backpack and some stiff strikes, but Taguchi cut him off and went for the dodon, but Eagles countered by hooking both shoulders and taking him down to the mat for the three count. Short, but also pretty good.

Block A: Shingo Takagi defeated Marty Scurll

Scurll honed in on Shingo’s elbow, perhaps looking to avoid the pumping bomber. Shingo fought back, and also fought back as Scurll met him on the top rope. He was unsuccessful, as Scurll hit a big superplex for a nearfall.

The two trade big offense as Scurll finally took down Shingo with a superkick. Brody King, who was seconding Scurll, tripped Shingo as Marty attacked him with the umbrella. Shingo tried to fight back, but Marty got the ref in the way and sure enough, there was a ref bump. King got back in and hit a giant spinning side slam as Scurll powerbombed Shingo, but he kicked out.

Another ref bump led King to come back in, but King accidently clotheslined Scurll as Shingo went him out of the ring with the pumping bomber. Shingo hit the noshigami then hit the pumping bomber, and then after Scurll kicked out hit the last of the dragon for the win. Too many ref bumps toward the end, but still a pretty damn great match.

Block B: El Phantasmo defeated Will Ospreay

Ospreay immediately blasted ELP with a shotgun dropkick and threw him into chairs outside of the ring. He followed that with a giant suicide dive that sent ELP into even more people ringside. Ospreay took him inside of the crowd where ELP finally managed to cut him off, walk across the arena entryway and launched off with a moonsault, landing right on his knees. Eesh.

ELP superkicked Ospreay as he was walking down the stairs, then gave him a superman punch as he hopped off a barricade. Back in the ring, ELP did the rope walk, springboarded off then did a big hurricanrana.

Ospreay came alive with a springboard attack as he started to build momentum. ELP fought back and escaped a stormbreaker attempt, instead drilling Ospreay with a superkick. Ospreay met ELP on the floor by launching off the top rope with a corkscrew press, then struck him with the forearm back in the ring.

Ospreay connected with the Billy Robinson special and went for the Oscutter but ELP countered with a backslide. Ospreay went for the stormbreaker but ELP floated over and rolled him up for a nearfall, then hit a BME. He goes to finish with the CR2, but Ospreay blocks it and strikes ELP with a giant kick to the head.

After hitting the cheeky nandos kick, Ospreay put ELP on his shoulders and carried him to the middle rope, hitting a giant iconoclasm for a nearfal. Ospreay blocked a low blow as a defiant ELP spat at him. Ospreay hit more kicks then went for the Oscutter, but ELP shot up and pushed him onto the apron.

The two fight on the apron as Ospreay gets the advantage. He went for a spanish fly to the floor but ELP blocked it and hit him with a forearm. ELP went for the CR2; Ospreay blocked it but ELP instead hit a piledriver right on the apron. Both men entered the ring at 19 but ELP got the advantage with a splash off the top rope.

ELP went for the rainmaker but Ospreay countered with a Liger bomb. Ospreay went for the Ozcutter again but ELP countered with a spinning neckbreaker. He started to pick on Red Shoes as Ospreay used the distraction for a spanish fly and a shooting star press as the twenty five minute mark approached. Ospreay went for the stormbreaker but ELP used his legs to take out the referee. After a couple of nearfalls, ELP hit the CR2 and finally defeated Will Ospreay in what was one hell of a crazy bout, definitely one the better matches of the tournament so far.

ELP told people to take off NJPW, CHAOS and LIJ merch and buy Bullet Club merch right now. He promised that the Best of the Super Juniors is coming to the headbang club.

Current standings:

Block A:

  • Shingo Takagi: 8
  • Taiji Ishimori: 8
  • Tiger Mask: 4
  • Marty Scurll: 4
  • Dragon Lee: 4
  • Jonathan Gresham: 4
  • Titan: 2
  • SHO: 2
  • Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2
  • Taka Michinoku: 0

Block B:

  • El Phantasmo: 8
  • Ryusuke Taguchi: 6
  • Will Ospreay: 6
  • Robbie Eagles: 6
  • YOH: 4
  • DOUKI: 2
  • Rocky Romero: 2
  • Bandido: 2
  • BUSHI: 2
  • Ren Narita: 0