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Josh Nason's Punch-Out episode 10: Bleacher Report's Mike Chiappetta on UFC like/love/whatever, his WWE past & Kane book, UFC Saskatoon, more

Kane Journey Into Darkness
Just over a week ago, famed MMA journalist Mike Chiappetta returned from his self-imposed Exile On UFC Street and announced that he was coming back to writing, joining the famed Bleacher Report team. That's why we had to get him for episode 10 of Josh Nason's Punch-Out!

On the docket, Josh and Mike dove into a metric ton of topics in an hour-long+ conversation. Some of what will fill your ears this week:

- Mike's past working with WWE and his relationship with Shane McMahon

- His novel on Kane called "Journey Into Darkness" and the secret transcript that exists somewhere in the Nutmeg State 

- Brock Lesnar's comments about WWE vs. UFC and Vince McMahon vs. Dana White

- Why he returned to MMA writing and why he left to begin with

- A segment that eventually will be renamed called Like/Love/Whatever on recently announced UFC title bouts and news events

- A look at Sunday's UFC Saskatoon

- Lots more. I mean, c'mon. The guys talked for an hour!

You also get Josh's Opening Round focused on WWE SummerSlam, why there was no show last week, and Josh's TV pick of the week. Your hour and 20 minutes of power awaits:

Show Notes: 

- Here is Mike's appearance this week on The MMA Beat.

- Again, here's how you buy 'Journey Into Darkness'. Do it!

- Subscribe to the show via RSS

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