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July 10, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: NJPW in Long Beach reviewed, TNA becomes GFW, tons of news

New Japan Pro Wrestling made its official U.S. debut on its own with shows that answered a few questions, but left the biggest questions unanswered.

The 7/1 and 7/2 shows sold out the 2,600-seats at the Long Beach Convention Center basically as soon as the tickets were put on sale. The paid ticket numbers were 2,370 the first night and 2,305 the second night.

It was obvious in seconds of when tickets went on sale, with no advertising whatsoever, not even on its own television show, that they greatly underestimated the demand. But with about 80 percent of the attendees coming from outside Southern California, including 38 states and several foreign countries, it really didn’t answer the question as to what type of following or what kind of potential the company has in the U.S. as far as putting on regular shows that won’t be filled with fly-in fans from all over North America.

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