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July 12 2007 Dr. Keith Show

Dr. Keith KLASSIX are back, Join the doctor along with Barlow, reminisce about Episode 3 originally broadcast on February 23, 2006 with Marquis Cor Von *cough* Monty Brown in one of the greatest Kayfabulous (TM Mike Sempervive) interviews EVER! Discussion points include: punctuation, water buffaloes, Serengeti, Stings fear stink, shamrock shake hate, Sabu's psychology, TNA loyalty, TRYTAN~!, Snagglepuss, and much more! Also, Eddie Kingston talks about his Hero Hate, Roma Love, strong style, tag teams, gangsta rap, ROH vs. CZW, death matches, and the wildcards. Plus, the historic debut of Barlow's Megaphone crooning, more Hustlelations, and even Keith's Mama!

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