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July 14, 2003 Observer Newsletter: WWE releases updated PPV buyrate information, more

World Wrestling Entertainment’s decision to publicly release updated PPV buy information has led to a few interesting findings.

While most figures are in the ballpark of what had been reported, and keep in mind all shows within the past year will have numbers constantly change, there were two shows of note over the past two plus years, one big and one small. It should be noted that all buys are approximate because of both the nature of PPV accounting, and also because the WWE released the information in a graph.

The big one was the July 22, 2001, Invasion PPV from Cleveland, headlined by a supposed WWF team of Kurt Angle & Steve Austin & Chris Jericho & Undertaker & Kane against a supposed combined WCW and ECW team of Diamond Dallas Page & Rhyno & Dudleys & Booker T which did about 760,000 buys (the last number we had received on the show was 726,400), making it the fifth most buys for a pro wrestling PPV in history, trailing only the Wrestlemania shows from 1999-2002.

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