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July 15, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Vince Russo joins TNA, Kevin Nash injury, more

In a strange twist of events, NWA TNA announced on 7/9 that Vince Russo had joined the promotion in an unspecified role.

Russo had been announced by WWE on 6/20 as having joined the company in a creative capacity, but after his first meeting the next day, his job structure had changed from writer to consultant. He was reportedly being paid $1,000 per week for a position many in the company have, where they are supposed to critique the two main weekly television shows and send the reports to Vince McMahon. Rumors abounded that the current writing staff had to turn things around or Russo would be brought in, but it is no secret that Russo returning was, with a few exceptions, a very unpopular move within the company. Russo had sold his CD store in Atlanta and was planning on moving back to the Northeast as he never liked living in the South.

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