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July 18 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: From The Start of Wrestling On WTBS to "Black Saturday"~!

If you're looking for modern day wrestling talk, all you'll get is a little bit on this week's Vince Russo fiasco and a very little bit on Raw.  This show is largely built around some of the details from the great article in the Observer about the 30th anniversary of "Black Saturday", the day Vince McMahon brought the WWF to the traditional Georgia Championship Wrestling timeslot on WTBS.  The Atlanta wrestling war that broke out shortly after Turner put wrestling on his station, some of the key players of the time, how Les came close to being in Gordon Solie's role as lead commentator, and the money woes that eventually led to Vince swooping in and taking the timeslot from the NWA Georgia territory.  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!