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July 19 Observer Radio: Vince McMahon relieved of duties, storyline vs. reality in that situation, CM Punk follow-up, Raw championship tourney, Sin Cara Wellness violation and whether he'll be back, latest on Alistair Overeem, your questions and more!

Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez returns today to talk all the news in wrestling and MMA -- and this is TONS OF IT -- including the storyline on Raw with Vince McMahon being relieved of his WWE duties and what if any of it parallels real-life, the Money in the Bank follow-up, full Raw report with the WWE Title tournament, Sin Cara's Wellness policy violation and the latest word on whether he'll be back, Alistair Overeem's UFC future, UFC injuries and the latest theory on why there are so many, your questions and so much more. A PACKED show, so check it out~!

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