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July 22 2010 Adam and Mike Show

The Adam & Mike BIG Audio Nightmare is back with a promise kept - Guest Hosts~! With Mike on hiatus, Adam welcomes Joe Gagne as well as Alan of "Dr. Keith Presents" fame to discuss such various and sundry topics as getting your assed kicked by children in a friendly, the MOTY? at last week's big Dragon Gate show in Kobe, Pro Wrestling NO-atttendance-AH and the epic Takayama-Sugiura battle, the New Japan shows from 6.19 and 7.11, MIL MONGOOSE and Okinawa Pro, Chris the Bambi Killer, the freedom that is FREEDOMS, and much more. And believe it or not, Alan gives his thoughts on Halak vs Price, Sean Avery, and assorted other hockey topics. Well, kind of. It's the alternative to the original alternate, this week's BIG Audio Nightmare only here at wrestlingobserver.com.

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