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July 27 Bryan & Vinny Show: Smackdown, crazy Raw, Cena action, Shawn's hunting show with heel Michael Cole, BEST WORLD OF -- ACTUALLY BEST TELEVISION SHOW EVER, tons more

It's the return of the mighty Bryan & Vinny Show~!~!~!~! So much to talk about today including Smackdown from Friday night with the DOOM OF KANE after a FORTY MINUTE SEGMENT, Raw on Monday night with two title changes and the return of CM Punk, Shawn Michaels' psychedelic hunting show featuring heel commentator Michael Cole (not kidding), plus THE BEST TELEVISION SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION, World of Hurt 10 with the FRENCH STALLION. I mean, this was the best. Plus, been a long damn time since I cut a promo on the board, so if that's your thing, this is your thing. CHECK IT OUT.

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