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July 5, 1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWF King of the Ring review, NJPW names new president, more

In its first PPV show since the ill-fated Over the Edge and the bevy of lawsuits filed since that time, there was some noticeable changes in the World Wrestling Federation for King of the Ring.

Whether they were good, bad or coincidental depends upon your points of view, but the show itself was well below the usual standard for a WWF, or for that matter a WCW or ECW PPV event. The biggest change was a much more careful in-ring style. There were a few big bumps, but not many, and all done more carefully. Some of this may be due to the fact Mick Foley wasn't on the show after double knee surgery and he usually takes the lion's share of that type of move. It seemed like everyone was wrestling under control, as even the best match from a wrestling standpoint with the Hardy Boyz vs. Gangrel & Christian was toned down from what you'd expect these same teams to do on a typical Raw show. In addition, for a nearly four hour show, with the exception of Chyna, who worked the show in the role of a male wrestler, there were no women on the card. 

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