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June 10th Adam & Mike Show: NJPW Best of the Super Juniors, Muto-AJPW Drama, Shinsuke-CMLL, HOCKEY~!

Don't be fooled by imitation Japan-centric radio shows on this website (although we fully endorse listening to them), the original alternate is back with 62 minutes of grappling, and another 38 minutes of hockey afterwards via the BREAKOUT HOCKEY PROGRAM. This week's kayfabulous topics include, but aren't limited to: Prince Devitt, who's (arguably) the best worker in the world, leading (arguably) the freshest stable in the world, and winning (arguably) the best annual league in the world; where the Bullet Club story could go - and promoting 80s hair band the Bullet Boys, Bullet Bob Armstrong & Rick O' Shea as members, Devitt-Inoue comparisons and differences, NJ's 6/22 iPPV, Chikara, Jason Kidd and Grant Hill (really), Nakamura in Mexico, Naito, All Japan goodness, and then a breakdown of the Stanley Cup Finals, the pro-Boston bias?, Tort reform in New York, and much more. It's the radio show that thinks it may something with that #FTA Burlesque show; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at F4WOnline.com.

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