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June 17, 2002 Observer Newsletter: Steve Austin goes home, TNA details, more

It may have been the scariest night in the recent history of the wrestling business. Vince McMahon came out, noted that Steve Austin wasn't there, and challenged Ric FlairIĀ for ownership of the entire company. The ultimate blow-off to what was planned to be a long-term angle, just 11 weeks in, and with exactly a two hour build-up.

McMahon won with help from Brock Lesnar, who did his F-5 (that's the official name for the move, although it has never been called that on television by Jim Ross) on Flair after running off Arn Anderson, while a bloody Flair had McMahon in the figure four. Wrestlers were told that the brand extension is not a thing of the past and the plans were to continue two touring groups and the storyline, despite coming off the worst house show week in many years. However, with McMahon, in storyline fashion owning both companies again, and likely reverting back to lead heel on both shows, there is no logical explanation for the brands to stay separate in storyline, or as messed up as the attempts to keep them separate have been, in real fashion either.

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