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June 23 2007 Dr. Keith Show

FYEAH! It’s a Dr. Keith homecoming and a BRAND NEW of his experimentation in sound, join your homecoming king and his royal court of hoodwinks for an exceptional serial! CHIKARA’S Man Monster Hydra, complete with translations from the devious one - UltraMantis Black! Talk of Young Lions Cup V (this weekend), communist bovines, tattoos, Triple H’s book, JJ FAD~!, and Big Boss Bryan’s “vitamins.” ROH’s Jimmy Rave discusses toilet paper, Mr. XTC, Nana, UFC, Dragon Gate, and the power of the heel hook! UFC scheduling madness! Hustelations! Kawada’s blues! Barlow-Bot 10,000! Badgers! Crooning! A prescription of righteousness for your audio aches and pains!

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