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Mar. 1 Adam & Mike Show: Olympics, NOAH, Kawada, Burchill, Dragon Gate, NXT, DDT, tons more!

The original alternate makes it's way back to the airwaves this week to bring you what you pay a wrestling website for: Olympic hockey talk. Don't worry, though. There's also love for Michael Buble's closing ceremony performance. Other topics include, but aren't limited to: a look at this past Sunday's NOAH show at Budokan, Kawada, Morisheepish, Burchill fitting nicely in AJ, D-Gate, Union, DDT, Tenryu's lumpy new club, NXT, and more. It's the radio show that knows that bitch set Mayor Barry up; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at F4WOnline.com

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