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Mar. 25 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly with special guest JJ DILLON~!

This was FUN.  Victor Sosa, Les Thatcher and Will Strause talk the news for the first 30 or so minutes; Hogan returning to Impact, Tweeting with Kurt Angle, thoughts on the great interview Bryan & Dave did with Nigel McGuiness, and somehow, it also turned into fashion week on the show.  Then we are joined by the Executive Director of the Four Horsemen, Mr. James J. Dillon!  We talk about the Kayfabe Commentaries DVD, "Being A Horseman", a hilarious story about a shoe shopping trip with Ric Flair, keeping the political peace between the Horsemen and booker/top babyface Dusty Rhodes, another awesome tale regarding Les & JJ's friend Luther Lindsay, induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and more.  An extra long show this week, but we believe it's worth your time.  As always, visit our thread in the radio shows section of the board if you'd like a few extras!