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March 10 2009 Tough Talk

Tough Talk returns with an interview with Danish UFC fighter Martin
“The Hitman” Kampmann who will be headlining the April 1 Fight Night
against former WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit. Kampmann talks
about his fight against Nate Marquardt and what went wrong there, how
he wasn’t even supposed to be on the show that he had his debut on,
what he thinks of Thales Leites, wanting to put on some more weight,
his title aspirations, doing a quick turn-around to fight in Cologne
on June 13, whether grappling is starting to take a backseat to
stand-up, the Danish fighters’ biggest weakness, MMA in Denmark and
which video games he plays. Then Mike Sawyer and Oliver Copp go into
detail on UFC 96 including – but not limited to – men with thick
skulls, bad refereeing, bum knees, nipple tweaks, ball shots, how to
keep your heart on and commentators who like Cream. 73 minutes of

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