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March 20, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWF to leave USA network, ECW Living Dangerously review, more

The landscape of American pro wrestling may undergo major changes within the next month.

Starting off, WWF officially gave notice to the USA Network on 3/1 that it is cancelling its contract with them effective in September when the new TV season starts. This isn't necessarily as big as it sounds, but most feel it is bigger. The WWF's deal for Raw, Livewire and Superstars expired in September 2001, but WWF has the right to get out of the deal in September 2000 by giving the network six months notice and USA Network has the right to match any offer. The Heat contract expires in September 2000 so they don't have to give notice on the show. This enables them to officially begin shopping the cable package around to other buyers, but doesn't necessarily mean they'll be leaving the USA network.

Based on posturing and media reports, it appears CBS/Viacom is willing to make a huge move, backed up by buying a $100 million equity interest in the company.

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